If it works, why change it?

Dying Fetus is back on the radar with 2012’s "Reign Supreme", a typical DF record filled with slamming death metal.

Their seventh release follows the formula that we all know and love and continues where 2009’s "Descend into Depravity" left off. The US trio with vocalist John Gallagher in front delivers a massive and mature DM release filled with goodies all the way. The song structures are again typical DF with catchy melodies arranged with massive blastbeats and insane heaviness. John’s trademark vocal is maybe DF most deadly weapon and heads roll when the man takes a trip to the basement for his ultra brutal growls. "Reign Supreme" is not a technical record and some of the slugging riffs are quite monotonous but the drive and brutality is unique.  The production is mint and all the instruments are loud and clear.

The shock factor is also present on "Reign Supreme". The intro to From Womb to Waste makes even the most seasoned DM fan take a step back when a young lady declares the following phrase:

"It’s not my fault I’am pregnant and I love drugs. Who cares. Fuck the baby. Let it die"

"Reign Supreme" is no "Destroy The Opposition" or "Stop at Nothing" but goddamn, it is still excellent. Both old and new Dying Fetus fans will embrace this piece of brutal US death metal done right.