ELISIUM – Becoming

ELISIUM – Becoming

There’s something comfortable about hearing a power trio like central Virginia’s Elisium on their new 6 track EP “Becoming”. Slugging it out in the scene for 10 years, the band contains vocalist/ guitarist Nate Compton, bassist and brother Kirb Compton and drummer Nathan Thomas- playing a dark mix of modern rock and metal that brings acts like Chevelle, Asking Alexandria, and the like to mind. Nate’s gut-wrenching melodies on “Bombshells” and “AGV” do have a pinch of Maynard Keenan of Tool mixing with Benjamin Burnley from Breaking Benjamin.

Musically the band keep their alternative driven, distortion fueled sound basic and heavy- only using clean strumming to set up the transitions into heavier choruses and instrumental moments. “Surface” has that deep despair building arrangement that moves audiences in a live setting or engages them to turn up the radio when they need a current ballad-like fix. The surprise element is the cover choice of the electronic 80’s dance hit “Safety Dance” originally done by Men Without Hats- as Elisium take their interpretation into a part industrial, part heavy rock anthem.

“Becoming” clocks in at 21 minutes and won’t aim to change the world in terms of blazing musicianship- however it succeeds in terms of channeling aggression in the right direction, so the entertainment value is high.