PACT – The Dragon Lineage….

PACT – The Dragon Lineage….

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Not much is known about black metal act Pact other than the fact that they come from the US and that their stunning debut ‘The Dragon Lineage of Satan’ is out now on Moribund Records. Eternal Terror scribe caught up with them in an attempt to get behind the wall of secrecy…


There isn’t much information about Pact out there on the Internet – is this intentional?

This is our first album so there isn’t much out there now, and we’ve been more focused on writing and recording these songs than anything else.

For the sake of those who don’t know very much about the band – who are you and where do you come from?

The band consists of Wretch on guitars, T on drums, and Hag on vocals. We all live in Pennsylvania and have all played in many bands, which we’d rather not get into because we choose to have Pact have a life all its own.

Your debut album ‘The Dragon Lineage of Satan’ is pretty incredible! You must be really pleased with the way it turned out…

Yes we were pretty happy with the sound. We recorded it in our own studio so it came out very much the way we had planned.

In terms of music and lyrics, did you have a specific agenda or outcome in mind, or do you just start playing and writing and let the songs happen naturally?

Wretch and T draw from their melting pot of musical influences while keeping an overall black metal sound, and Hag naturally speaks what comes to his mind sometimes writing the lyrics effortlessly on the spot.

Where do the ideas for the lyrics come from?

Hag writes the lyrics which directly deal with his education into occult matters, as well as misanthropic and nihilistic thoughts.

Is it more important for music to educate or entertain?

Were just doing what came naturally from our combination, whatever people take from it is no concern to us.


Who would you count as the band’s biggest musical influences?

I don’t think we could name one influence because all of us have our own bands we’ve grown up listening to that vary from each others.

Do you feel like you are a part of the US or global BM scene or are these things not important to you?

We’re not too concerned about fitting in with any scene. Obviously we play black metal but beyond that we don’t worry too much about that stuff.

If you could rid the modern world of three things (could be people, ideologies, whatever) what would you choose and why?

We consider ourselves all very individualistic, and we are not concerned with each other’s thoughts and actions let alone with what people choose to do or get involved with in society.

What are your plans for the future?

We are taking things one step at a time, we’ve already started making new songs and perhaps we’ll even play live out there at some point.

Any final words for our readers?

Check out the record!