SARKOM – Exit Terra

SARKOM – Exit Terra

Sarkom consist of members from various other Norwegian metal bands and it works really well this time too. They do not put out the most extreme music and show that sometimes less is more. Don’t get me wrong though, they still take you down a dark and dirty path; leave your newly washed clothes at home.

Their catalouge is not well filled but what they have put out is very well put together and the EP "Exit Terra" is their latest addition. They serve up two songs: "Exit Terra" and "Hallucinating the Superior Psychologist". Both songs are very accesible and not revolutionary but who say you have to reinvent the wheel? On this EP you are presented with catchy riffs, screeching vocals, long instrumental parts, solos and drums that push the songs forward to newer dimensions. The result? Well, it is fantastic, to be honest.

The title-track opens hard and fast, just like the Sarkom we all know. It all slows down though with a heavy, long and almost hypnotizing, slow/mid-tempo instrumental part that clocks in at just over two minutes. The instrumental part is not technical and complex but its nice that bands show technical and complex do not have to be the only way to go. Unsgaard doesn’t let you rest for too long as he wakes you up and points in another direction if you need music to relax too.

"Hallucinating the Superior Psychologist" opens with a long slow instrumental part and narrative vocals before Unsgaards screaming vocals take over and things speed up. As things slow down you are presented with a short slow/mid-tempo instrumental backed up with the narrative voice before it yet again speeds up and, as with the opening track, Unsgaard wraps it all up.

Personally i would have no problems recommending this EP to both those unfamiliar with the band and their fans. Songs are easily accessible without being put in the same category as other commercial extreme metal bands. It might even be able to turn over those sceptical to this kind of music. It is well produced and could fit well on one of their albums. Both songs are built up much in the same way but stands on their own with no problem.