THE BOSS til Roskilde 2012

THE BOSS til Roskilde 2012

Bruce Springsteen to Roskilde Festival 2012The American rock icon and his faithful E Street Band play our Orange Stage this summer.

The deal is signed, sealed and delivered, and Roskilde Festival can now confirm that a rock dream comes true in 2012. This year’s December announcements reach their climax with the confirmation of a true legend.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND (US) are ready to take on Orange Stage this summer with a characteristically long concert full of golden rock anthems. It is a true highlight in over 40 years of festival history to finally announce this rock icon on one of the most iconic stages in the world.

Having this denim-clad superhero play at Roskilde Festival is no longer a dream scenario. His influence on rock history can hardly be overstated. Without this masterful songwriter and storyteller, a whole generation of younger bands would not sound the way they do.

Regardless of age and knowledge of Bruce Springsteen, it is practically a civic duty to experience this artist who – despite his simple and unpretentious craft – towers up on the rock horizon.

Roskilde Festival is looking forward to presenting a summer’s night with poetic rock songs about New Jersey, the hopelessness of blue-collar working days and life on empty small town streets when you are born to run.