UNEXPECT – In A Flesh Aquarium

UNEXPECT – In A Flesh Aquarium











     Part I – the asylum

If this isn’t the hardest to get metal album of all ages, then you can call me a clown. And I am no clown. I have tried to understand this, but when I see one picture in my head the next one is standing in line. Questions Questions Questions…
I see the Devil smiles at me, for this is the Devil’s music. He smiles at my lack of comprehension.
I see water that runs silent in front of me. But there’s no river. I don’t understand this. Why is there no river? How can water run in thin air?
I see flowers that bloom, only to wither away the second thereafter. Isn’t it a tragedy? Why couldn’t it stay into flower, showing me the most beautiful colours in the Universe?
I see the musical rainbow. It has so many colours. In the end I only see black. Or is it white. Or is it red. Or perhaps pink. Nah, it has to be violet. Yes, it is violet. No, it is not.
I see that I get headache when I dive into this aquarium. Somebody, let me out! Help me! No, I’m stuck in this unexpected world. It drives me insane. But I love it. Like the psychotic loves the asylum. In the asylum everybody is normal, expect the employees.

     Part II – the music

If you even dare to enter the world of Unexpect, you’ll meet musical confusion. One second there’s a saxophone, the next there are a multitude of vocal expressions, then you get a tango-lesson. Yes, this is the most diverse metal album I’ve ever heard. It takes me everywhere. And beyond. Do you want black metal? Do you want progressive metal? Do you feel that classical metal is something that makes your panties wet? Perhaps a dose of death metal? Tempo changes? Calm piano parts?
I guess you do not desire to spend the evening in front of the computer, so I better stop there with the listing and rather assure you that “In A Flesh Aquarium” has everything. And then I mean everything. And then some.

     Part III – the conclusion

Some time ago I decided that I would only give 6 out of 6 if the music was perfect (to me), that the music was original (to me) and that everything made in connection with it was professional to the fingertips. But this time I had to make an exception.
Unexpect’s “In A Flesh Aquarium” is not perfect to me thinking of the music. There are parts that annoy me. There are sections that seem somewhat unfinished. And the music is not exactly coherent.
Nor is the music completely original. If it had been, then I would not think so heavily of EbonyLake’s “On the Eve of the Grimly Inventive” from 1999. In a way Unexpect’s album is EbonyLake’s sole full-length brought one step further.
But everything seems professional and artistic. The cover is not your common metal painting and the sound is impeccable.
So, the only reason I give this a perfect 6 out of 6 instead of the more deserved 5 out of 6 is only for the reason that this is the biggest musical challenge I have ever had thinking of metal of any categories. The challenge is not only big, it is gigantic, titanic and not possible to overcome. Or is it?