hl2010: KAI ÅSVIK

hl2010: KAI ÅSVIK

Top T3ree Releases of 2010

"Chapters of Repugnance"

Defeated Sanity crushed it, so brutal yet so many layers of sweetness. Willowtip said it best; THE.MOST.BRUTAL.RELEASE.OF.2010. The others are cool aswell, but this is the only absolute classic of 2010 I’ve heard.

"Weight of Light" (Maybe not all the tracks but the good ones are KILLER)

"Take the Curse"



Best Concert/ Festival of 2010

Maryland Deathfest. Just too much good stuff in one place.

Biggest Surprise To Me in 2010

Jucifer live at Maryland Deathfest. WOW

Best Album Cover of 2010

"Divinity Of Death"

Because its green!








Favourite Band of All Time

Impossible to say. These days Aura Noir I guess, just because they make so much out of so little.

Biggest Hope for 2011

Virus – "The Agent that shapes the desert". Because of the previous 2 and the tracks I’ve heard thus far.