Hele nye The Amenta online gratis

Hele nye The Amenta online gratis

THE AMENTA, Australia’s most forward thinking extreme music collective, have made "V01D" available FREE directly to the fan.

"V01D" is available from the 8th of March exclusively from www.theamenta.com.

"V01D" is a huge multimedia release, containing 16 audio tracks (an exclusive new song, re-records, remixes, electronic experiments and a cover of an ARMOURED ANGEL classic), 4 live videos (from a recent Sydney Show, professional audio and multiple camera recording) and a new film clip for the re-recorded track ‘Vermin’. "V01D" also comes with wallpapers, photos, all new artwork and electronic press kit.

The film clip for ‘Vermin’ can also be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOTiQ99aOoI

"V01D" is FREE. THE AMENTA believe this to be the first time something of this quality and quantity has been released FREE to the fan. All that is asked is that you spread the word. Share it. Recommend it. Download it.

It is yours. Enjoy.



Track listing for "V01D" is as follows:




1. Empty

2. V01D (exclusive new song)

3. Erebus (re-recorded)

4. Ache

5. Junky (re-recorded)

6. Spine (re-recorded)

7. Null

8. Vermin (re-recorded)

9. Nihil (re-recorded)

10. Nil

11. Enigmatize (originally performed by ARMOURED ANGEL)

12. None

13. Junky (remix)

14. Nihil (remix)

15. Vermin (remix)

16. Erebus (remix)




(Multi-camera, pro-audio video)

1. Junky

2. Vermin

3. Mictlan

4. Erebus

5. Vermin (film clip, never before released)