Punk, metal og hardcore til Roskilde Festival

Punk, metal og hardcore til Roskilde Festival

Punk, metal and hardcore to Roskilde Festival
Beatsteaks, Eyehategod, Iceage and Terror are added to the poster.

Roskilde Festival presents some harder acts this week. Today’s bands have energy and electric guitars in common. Bands like these are part of making Roskilde Festival a stronghold for fans of hard and noisy music.

BEATSTEAKS (DE) are huge in Germany and greater parts of Europe – and now it is time for Scandinavia. The German audience favourites play English-language punk rock with loans from hardcore, power pop and ska, always with a big musical scope, melodic flair and lots of humour. Beatstakes’ new album is released this spring, and despite having a deal with a major label the attitude is still DIY like when they started their career back in 1995.

EYEHATEGOD (US) is known and loved for its Southern-state-drawling update of Black Sabbath and Melvins. Now the band is ready with its first studio album since Confederacy of Ruined Lives from 2000. Eyehategod tears at your ears with tough metal – these are some of the most swampy and tormented sounds ever heard from the deep South.

ICEAGE (DK) took the Pavilion Junior stage last year with their clattering post-punk. The band’s first album fully meets the early expectations. Danish critics rejoice over New Brigade, a darkened post-punk album full of sharp guitars, tumbling drums and apathetic doom lyrics. Four youngsters have set the agenda in Danish punk in 2011.

TERROR (US) embodies the hardcore lifestyle with a flicked finger to about 95 % of the surrounding world. The latest update of their uncompromising, back-to-basics hardcore can be heard on Keepers of the Faith from 2010, but one of Terror’s main objectives is the steamy crowd. The five Californians have not set out to reinvent the wheel – lots of adrenaline, body heat and enthusiasm among the audience are of much greater importance.