Roskilde flytter til Oslo

Roskilde flytter til Oslo

Roskilde Festival moves to Oslo
The Norwegian music and expo festival by:Larm 2011 gets a Roskilde Festival stage filled with Danish and Norwegian bands.

Roskilde Festival moves north this winter. From 17 – 19 February, the venue Jaeger – formerly known as Garage – will burst with orange feeling and a handful of solid names from the Danish and Norwegian music scene. Datarock (N), Lucy Love (DK) and Vinnie Who (DK) will perform at RF@by:Larm, the name of the stage. More bands will be announced this week.

"The stage gives us the opportunity to present the wide scope of genres, both from Roskilde Festival and from Danish music in general. Furthermore, we are looking forward to presenting the music and the special Roskilde feeling to the music industry and the Norwegian audience," says Roskilde Festival’s spokeswoman Christina Bilde.

Different and free Roskilde experience
Roskilde Festival hopes to meet some of its Scandinavian audiences under slightly different circumstances than the (oftentimes) sunny festival surroundings. Moreover, the festival hopes that curious music lovers, who have not been at Roskilde Festival yet, will pop by for some warmth and music and maybe a chat with some of Roskilde Festival’s dedicated festival-goers.

"The stage is situated in the centre of Oslo, so it is easy to get there – and all concerts are free of charge for both Oslo music lovers and by:Larm delegates," says Christina Bilde.

In the daytime before the concerts, Roskilde Festival is planning a variety of music industry and networking events.

From synths to hard rock
Roskilde Festival has prepared a Danish-Norwegian programme that meets the quality, scope and variety that characterises Northern Europe’s biggest music event. Danish and Norwegian bands will play concerts – in the middle of Oslo’s large array of media representatives, music industry and music lovers during by:Larm.

The Roskilde Festival stage presents nine bands in total. Below, you can read more about the bands now announced. Keep up with more announcements on Facebook

DATAROCK (N) plays half-mad funk-electro-rock with the tongue parked thoroughly in one cheek. The Norwegians’ inventive dance music combined with the kitschy, red outfits and plenty of 80s inspiration have made them a hot name on the international dance floors. They have played at Roskilde Festival in 2005 and 2007.

LUCY LOVE (DK) is a central figure on the Danish scene for grime, hip hop and urban pop music. The singer with the ultra-British vocals is assisted by Yo Akim’s synthetic soundtrack that with simple means provides an efficient and popish backdrop to the singer’s clever stream of constant consonants. Copenhagen provides a rapper who seems as fierce and real as if she had grown up on English soil.

VINNIE WHO (DK) is with his 80s-inspired party tactics one of Denmark’s electronic wonder kids. Lots of synths and loose wrists are on the menu with this talented songwriter and falsetto voice. Mirrorball pop following the tradition of Scissor Sisters and Hercules and Love Affair.