AUTOPSY til Roskilde 2011

AUTOPSY til Roskilde 2011

Death and noise coming to Roskilde Festival

Autopsy and Weekend deliver death metal and noise rock, respectively. Both bands are new additions to the Roskilde 2011 programme.

Good news for fans of metal and noise. This Thursday, Roskilde Festival has a coveted crown jewel and one of the more unpolished diamonds in the gift bag.

AUTOPSY (US) is legendary and trendsetting in death metal. The band plays its only Scandinavian concert next summer at Roskilde Festival – and is generally not playing much next year. Accordingly, Autopsy’s return is backed by a much-awaited new album. With these pioneers on the programme, brutal death metal is guaranteed, unsuitable for children and weak souls. The uncompromising heroes’ visit is an outstanding metal event.

WEEKEND (US) is a brand-new noise rock band from San Fransisco. The band makes a virtue of brutal guitar feedback and towering decibel levels that could force even Godzilla down on his knees. The tracks on the debut album Sports do not use cheap tricks but respect the legacy of bands such as Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. Lo-fi, punk and noise in an uncompromising union from a group of debutants, which will enthuse everyone with a nose for new talent.

Roskilde Festival is not done with music announcements on this side of Christmas. Stay tuned.