3 nye band til METAL MERCHANTS 2011

3 nye band til METAL MERCHANTS 2011

Det offisielle presseskrivet fra METAL MERCHANTS anno 11. juli 2010 lyder:

Greetings once again, friends!

We’re getting close to a full lineup, and we’re pretty sure most of you are just as excited as we are over the new additions. No time for bull, here’s the gravy!


Believed to be one of the hopes of the Hellenic underground, the thrash metallers of CONVIXION will be brought in to the cold north to shake loose the most impatient headbangers amongst you. With an EP and one album in the catalogue, CONVIXION have already received great reviews and jobs such as Up The Hammers Festival II for their curriculum vitae.


Most of you already know BLIZZARD, the old school maniac crew that brought partying back to music from hell. With a handful of releases throughout the last decade, filled to the edge with mad metal, hard partying and insane attitude, you better hold on to your beers and souls when PURE FILTH AND MAYHEM fills Metal Merchants Festival as Blizzard enters the stage!


You didn’t see that one coming, did ya? Besides Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol, BROCAS HELM is widely considered as the finest thing ever to come from the American underground heavy metal stage. We’re not gonna rant on about this, but really, people? BROCAS HELM!! Hands down!

So, tell your friends and buy your tickets, cause this is gonna be a blast!

Cheers from Sigurd, Ronny and Stian, ALL HERE TO ROCK!!!