Oslo We Rot på Garage i Oslo (24/4)

Oslo We Rot på Garage i Oslo (24/4)


Norges DEATH METAL elite samler seg for og feire split utgivelsen OSLO WE ROT, feat. OBLITERATION, DISKORD, EXECRATION og LOBOTOMIZED på Garage i Oslo, lørdag 24. april. 7'ern blir gitt ut av UNBORN productions, i samarbeid med banda. Dette blir definitivt en begivenhetsrik kveld i dödens navn! UH!



One day death metal festival and release party for 4-way 7" split at Garage in Oslo, featuring Norway's great four:


cc: 100 nok, age 20




OBLITERATION is a young Death metal band from Kolbotn (home of Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Lamented Souls among others), Norway. They started out in 2001 and have ever since left a trail of destruction behind them with HELLBLAZING gigs and rock solid releases.

After a rehearsal demo in 2006 OBLITERATION were asked to sign with cult label Tyrant Syndicate, a sub-label of Peaceville records, which is run by Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone. OBLITERATION released the debut album "Perpetual Decay" in may 2007 which got great reviews worldwide, and a UK tour with doomsters Ramesses followed.

In 2009 OBLITERATION had unleashed upon this earth their second album, "Nekrospalms".

The album was recorded by the band themselves in their own studio at Kolbotn in one week, DIY style. Nekropsalms is a cosmic blend of old school death metal mixed with the best elements from doom, punk, thrash and old school black metal, and after 8 years, OBLITERATION have finaly found their own repulsive style.

So if you're ready for a necrotic torrent of doom and horrid death, look no further;

"Nekropsalms" is ready to crush the metal scene and leave it for DEAD! UH! "The talent and sound of Obliteration has morphed from a ferocious jackal on the debut album to a BRONTOSAURUS of vibes and wonder!STAMPEDE!"




LOBOTOMIZED sounds like a derelict booze hound trapped inside a metal vacuum cleaner with a filthy filter, and looks like a circus gone AWOL and/or a klasebombed dansebandgalla. The band was formed in 2005, and they are still alive, playing trash metal without the "h", incorporating scumpunk and death metal swineinfluences.

In five years, this premenstrual, but extremely productive gjeng has released one demo and one split 7" vinyl with COFFINS from Japan! They're currently working on their debut album – NORWEGIAN TRASH, which features unmodern anticlassics such as Crash Course in Camping, Bingo in Hell and Hoedown in Hedmark amongst others, in an halvhjerta effort to merge the two institutions in Norwegian harry-culture – danseband and metal, once and for all. There are also some tunes about alcohol, sjølsagt!

The essence of LOBOTOMIZED and 4/5 of the band members, are from Hedmark (home of COWBOY-LAILA, TORE HALVORSEN, WILHELM TYSKEBERGET andhjemmebrent), but they are based in the ürban sewer called Oslo (known for MULLAH KREKAR, FABIAN STANG, JOSEF TERBOVEN and heroin addicts), where they have had some beers over the years, besudled some women and played a handful of half-ass gigs as well. They've also played outside of Norway for some reason, for example in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Bergen.

These rowdy wannabe hoboes are surely a sight for sore eyes live! LOBOTOMIZED is known for giving away stuff at gigs, everything from curtains to skinflicks on VHS! They are in other words a nasty cocktail of Fretex, Rune Rudberg and Abscess. It's always an advantage to be a bit wasted when witnessing a hobotomized concert.

"Hauh! Høssen kænn noen høre på dætta her ‘a, hæ?" – BEATE, an old woman in a lugar on Danskebåten after hearing five seconds of Wish you were beer. That is one of the few great compliments the band has received. LUCIFIX from LUCIFIX once said LOBOTOMIZED was OK. The guys in OLE IVARS would probably agree with LUCIFIX, because they are polite.



DISKORD er en mørk og ugjennomtrengelig abstrakt vegg som skjuler et grotesk sonisk landskap i rosa, hvor opp er ned, natt er dag og klart er uklart. En malstrøm av old school death metal som tvinner seg sammen med mørk doom og raskere, mer avantgarde partier i et konglomerat av lyder. DISKORD går i strupen på sanseapparatet for å lede deg helt inn til den mest primitive, reptile delen av hjernen.

Utgivelser er debutalbumet 'Doomscapes' (Edgerunner Music/VME 2007), vinylsjutommeren 'hdfh' (Vendlus Records 2005) samt demoene 'Demo 2001' og 'Aural Abjection' (2003). Bandet er fra Oslo og innebefatter det noe ukonvensjonelle trioformatet kombinert vokal og trommer (Hans Jørgen Ersvik), bass/koring (Eyvind Axelsen) og gitar/koring Espen T. Hangård.



Norway's Execration merges the feel of old school death metal with strikingly contemporary compositions and performance. Over the past years Execration has frequently appeared live, securing quite a few high profile concerts.

They performed twice at the Inferno Festival in 2009. The Death Fest tour later that year spread their infectious darkness to all corners of Norway, leaving a trail of grinning melted faces among listeners and peer bands alike.