URGEHAL og PROFANE på Elm Street (19/3)

URGEHAL og PROFANE på Elm Street (19/3)

Fredag 19. mars 2010 – Oslo/Elm Street




C.C. NOK 120,-

18 år leg plikt


"For all the old days black metal fans, this evening is for you! It will open with PROFANE, one of the international bands that the Norwegian black metal scene of the early nineties has inspired. This combo from France is keeping the musical traditionalism in the vein of old Enslaved and Satyricon. They started at the end of the nineties, and play fast and aggressive blackened Pagan metal, in an artistic way, which explores the nonhuman, the impersonal, the supremacy and adopt an anti-humanist guideline. PROFANE is inspired by the indo-European antiquity and by its resurgences in the modern world. Their first full length album "Heretique Arya", which was released in 2009, has a brazen, bold delivery with bass grinding below the unrelenting chord battery. The album has received a lot of good reviews, and the band has played in several countries around Europe, like Italy, Germany and Belgium. The fans of glorious war/black metal and nostalgic of the old days will enjoy it! www.myspace.com/profaneheretikarya But naturally, in this very conscious underground scene, only a few bands are able to claim authenticity. And URGEHAL count among these chosen few, keeping the faith and spirit of the early nineties. Ever since lead guitarist and singer Trondr Nefas founded URGEHAL with guitarist Enzifer as early as the year 1992, they have followed a strict policy of using satanic and misanthropic lyrics, heavy corpsepaint and spikes on stage, as well as a dirty and harsh sound. This combo from Hønefoss possess high credibility and respect amongst the followers of this extreme genre, and now they are bringing their war machine to full power, with their 6th full length album "Ikonoklast". Yet there is an uncanny catchiness and sinister groove to this album, this is the audible proof of their continued dirty war against usurpation by the boring mass market. Let URGEHAL take you to hell, come to see them at Elm Street on March the 19th! www.myspace.com/urgehal666 "