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Sólstafir (Isl) : After a few months of rocking together, making new songs, and mixing older stuff with newer, Sólstafir hit the studio to record the "Í Norðri" demo tape in May 1995. In December that same year, six new songs were recorded, which laid the ground for the band..s own style. After that an offer came from View Beyond Records to release four of them as a MCD entitled "Til Valhallar" in 1996. "Til Valhallar" got great reviews all over, and led the band to become rather known in the metal underground. In 1999 Sólstafir made a deal with Ars Metalli Records from Germany and they released the album "Í Blóði og Anda" (also known as "In Blood and Spirit") in 2002 after many delays. Shortly after it..s release Ars Metalli went under and the album became a rarity just a few months after it..s release. In February 2002, five new songs were recorded, and for the first time Sólstafir recorded as a four piece band. "Black Death: The Demo" hit the streets. Through the marvels of the internet some of those songs got into the ears of Ketzer Records, and they released three of those songs in co-operation with Neodawn Productions as a 7" EP. "Black Death: The EP" was released in December that year. It..s 500 limited and handnumbered copies sold out in advance. "Til Valhallar" and "Í Blóði og Anda" were re-released for the Russian market in 2003 and 2004 by Oskorei Productions. "Til Valhallar" was re-mastered and included the two songs that had been excluded on the View Beyond release, along with a color cover, comments to all the songs and much better sound. In 2004 a whole album..s worth of new material was recorded, and three of those songs released as a promo, which led to a deal with Spikefarm Records. All the songs were worked on a bit more and the album made ready for release and in December 2005 Spikefarm released Sólstafirs debut for the label, entitled "Masterpiece of Bitterness". New album "KÖLD" came out 21. January 2009. Secrets of the moon (Ger): German black metal quartet Secrets of the Moon formed in the city of Osnabrueck in 1995 around the talents of bass player/vocalist Daevas, guitarists A.D. and sG, and drummer T. Thelemnar. They released the demo Unearthed Arcana that same year, followed by De Musica Mundana and Stronghold of the Inviolables in 2002 and Carved in Stigmata Wounds in 2004. Their latest, Antithesis, arrived in the spring of 2007. ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide Code (U.K./Nor): Code are an English/Norwegian black metal band that formed in 2002. The band's original line-up consisted of Aort on guitars, Viper aka Vicotnik from the bands Ved Buens Ende and Dødheimsgard on bass guitar and Kvohst from the bands Void and Dødheimsgard on vocals. They were joined later on by Vyttra on Guitar and AiwarikiaR, former drummer of Ulver, on drums. Aort wrote all of the music and Kvohst co-wrote the lyrics with an English writer called Andrew Nicol, and the band released their first demo, entitled Neurotransmissions: Amplified Thought Chemistry, on March 15, 2002. The band was eventually signed to Spikefarm Records an imprint record label of Spinefarm Records. Through Spikefarm, they released their first full-length, entitled Nouveau Gloaming on June 13, 2005. After the album's release Kvohst went on to replace the departed Aldrahn on vocals in Dødheimsgard to record the album Supervillain Outcast in 2007. Kvohst, Vyttra and AiwarikiaR had all left the band for unspecified reasons in late 2006. A few months later it was announced that ICS Vortex (of Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, and Lamented Souls) had been in talks to be recruited as the vocalist of the band but in the end he never joined the band nor wrote, performed or rehearsed with them. In September 2008, the band announced that they would not be working with Vortex after all and that Kvohst had returned to do the vocals on the new album.[1] On 4. November 2008 the title for the new album was announced: "Resplendent Grotesque". [2] The new album features the original core lineup of Kvohst, Aort and Vicotnik and the drums were performed by Adrian Erlandsson from At The Gates and ex-Cradle Of Filth

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