TANK + + til Metal Merchants 2010

TANK + + til Metal Merchants 2010



Greetings, fellow metalheads! It's been a while since our last update, but now that the summer soon is over, and we're on our way into the real metal season, it's time to give you all an update on the METAL MERCHANTS FESTIVAL 2010 lineup. Alongside the bands already announced, which are OMEN (US), SLOUGH FEG (US), THE LAMP OF THOTH (UK), NEKRONOMICON (DE) and SOLITAIRE (FIN), we're proud to present:



Really, there's no need to say much about TANK, being one of the real legends of NWOBHM, and we're extremely happy to welcome the heavy metal war machine to the Oslo winter nights. Since the start back in 1980, TANK has presented classic stuff for fans of all ages, and delivering magnificent albums throughout the 80's alongside heavy touring, the revitalized filth hounds of Hades are ready for the payback attack on the vikings!





This is a personal moment of joy for us at Metal Merchants Festival. Long before thrash metal had gotten a grip on the British metal scene, ANIHILATED laid ground for vicious crossover and thrash metal, and even punk in the early days, for a whole scene. There will be innocent victims and slaughter at Metal Merchants Festival when ANIHILATED kicks off.





Norwegian doom isn't really the first blend people think of when it comes to metal. But if we had more bands like LAMENTED SOULS, it could easily be. In good doom tradition, things have never gone fast with LAMENTED SOULS, but since the start in 1991, they have at least managed to gather their do(om)ings on the highly recommended "The Origins of Misery". Much of the lack of productivity could be set in relation to the many other bands the guys are working with, so it's extra nice that they put in an effort to visit us in January. We're really looking forward to seeing LAMENTED SOULS back on stage, taking their time with us Metal Merchants in an otherwise busy time schedule.




A couple of more bands, as well as maybe a little daytime surprise, will follow throughout the fall. We would also advise you all to get your tickets at http://www.billettservice.no/html/artist.htmI?l=NO&artist=METAL+MERCHANTS+2+DAGS+PASS as the venue only takes about 350 people, and it will be sold out.