DARK FUNERAL studio update

DARK FUNERAL studio update



Ave everyone!

Finally! Today, July 10th we will enter the Abyss studio together with producer Peter Tägtgren to begin the recording of a new, yet untitled, full-length album. Not sure how long it'll take to finalize and nail the new stuff, but we're roughly expecting to spend the next 4-5 weeks or so in the Studio.

Since we won't have regular access to internet while we work on the new record, we have set up a Twitter account. This way we can text in short updates to keep you all as updated as possible throughout the entire recording session. You'll find us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/DarkFuneral

During the recording session we will also write some more in depths studio reports of course, but through Twitter we can provide you with short and daily updates. We will also be filming, so keep your eyes open for video reports as well. The studio/video reports will be posted on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/darkfuneral and MySpace www.myspace.com/darkfuneral  

Just like countless of other bands, we have, unfortunately, also been forced cancel our show at
the Unholy Fest, but thanx to Lechosław Wilk (Blood Fire Death Festival) and our booking agency Dragon Productions, we have been fortunate enough to arrange a replacement show in this very
last minute. So instead of playing Unholy Fest on July 25th, we will play at Club "CK Wiatrak" in Zabrze City http://www.wiatrak.art.pl.

Since it's a last-minute show, and we want to fill the place to it's entirely, the ticket price is set to only 40 Zlotys (9 euro) in pre-sale, and 50 Zlotys (11 euro) at the door.  Support will come from "Infernal War" and "Pleroms Gate". See you there !!!

Lord Ahriman & Dark Funeral