KVELERTAK til Roskilde

KVELERTAK til Roskilde

New fresh acts on Pavilion Junior

As always, the audience can experience the most important acts of tomorrow before the four music days begin.

Since 2000, Pavilion Junior has been one of the most important platforms for new bands in Scandinavia. Today, Roskilde Festival reveals the first batch of acts that will play during the warm-up days from 28 June to 1 July.

THE 20BELOWS (DK) plays melodic punk rock and has already toured from coast to coast in the US. Social Distortion and Ramones are among the sources of inspiration.

GIANA FACTORY (DK) plays charming new wave-ish pop. Lead singer Loui Foo also played Roskilde last year with The Raveonettes as a replacement for her pregnant sister Sharin.

JOOKS (DK) is a member of now-defunct hip hop act Rent Mel but he has already come a long way as a solo artist. His everyday hip hop stories are well told and with a steady flow.

KELLERMENSCH (DK) plays darkened heavy rock that finds inspiration not only in progressive metal bands but also in black pens such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

KVELERTAK (N) combines Norway's tradition for nihilistic black metal with a fresh feeling of rock’n’roll and a twinkle in the eye.

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (N) deliver US-inspired noise rock and are by many Norwegians called the best live band in Norway with their noisy guitars and warm melody lines.

SCAMP (DK) plays technical metal full of nutritive power. The debut album Mirror Faced Reality shows a promising band that will soon have the same status as Danish allies such as Mercenary and Hatesphere.

TAKO LAKO (DK) guarantees a true Balkan party. This colourful orchestra shows that so-called world music can easily include inspiration from rock and hip hop.

VINNIE WHO (DK) delivers wonderful falsetto disco that is sexy and retro in the same way as the productions from record label Italians Do It Better.

More Junior acts in the coming weeks
This is just the first batch of Pavilion Junior bands. More acts for the same stage will follow next week when Roskilde Festival will also offer new music for the official programme.