METAL MERCHANTS med 4 nye navn

METAL MERCHANTS med 4 nye navn

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We're happy to announce that ticket sales now are open, and with a capacity of 350 people, you shouldn't wait too long before you get your festival pass at . The price is NOK 500.


Why should you attend? Besides the great party, here's five damned good reasons!




Kenny Powell and his legendary OMEN is considered one of the godfathers of US Metal. With thousands of gigs, but none in Norway, we're looking forward to that moment when we're all singing "Death Rider".




(The Lord Weird) SLOUGH FEG we've already given you the key notes on, but make sure you get familiar with the heavy metal brilliants before january.




The german book of death is once again opened, and its most thrashy parts you'll read in Oslo! This is a treat.




Probably our youngest starter in 2010, nonetheless with the quality and sound of ages melted together. Imagine Cathedral doing theatre with the help of Lamented Souls. This is what you get. Weird, funny and GREAT doom metal.



We started a speed metal ball this year with Beehler and Enforcer, and we loved it. Therefore we decided to look to the speed metal desert of Finland, and invite the awesome SOLITAIRE. This is gonna be kickass on stage! Be there!


And there will of coure be more to come!




Sigurd, Ronny and Stian