METAL MERCHANTS flytter på seg + første band klart til 2010

METAL MERCHANTS flytter på seg + første band klart til 2010

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Hope you all enjoyed the first edition of METAL MERCHANTS FESTIVAL, we can assure you that we did!


Time has come to start planning for 2010's edition, set to take place at John Dee in Oslo on january 29th and 30th of 2010. John Dee is located in central Oslo, a decision we took based on the fact that Kanonhallen unfortunately seemed a little complicated to find. Besides, John Dee is a great and extremely professional venue, with a small capacity of 350 people. So make sure to get your tickets early, this one's gonna be full! Ticket sales starts on april 1st, through . The price for the weekend ticket will be NOK 500,-.


As for the bands, we will announce five bands in the april edition of Norway's Scream Magazine, and of course by a newsletter to all of you. The rest of the bands will be announced throughout the summer and fall. But we're so excited by our bookings so far, that we've decided to throw you all a bone, and presenting the first band for METAL MERCHANTS FESTIVAL 2010:




Back at the end of the 80's, heavy metal seemed like a sinking ship, more or less finished with the party, and ready to pass on the alternative rock throne to grunge and its likes. But fortunately not everyone saw that as a great idea. Releasing three demos in the first half of the 90's, Slough Feg soon became an instant cult classic in the frontline of the campaign of true metal. Now, for the first time, we're going to see this awesome act on these shores, and alongside other great bands, they're welcoming you all to the METAL MERCHANTS FESTIVAL 2010!



The Sigurd, Weird Ronny and Lord Stian.