SINISTER – Veteraner

SINISTER – Veteraner

Nederlands SINISTER har vært en del av den europeiske death metal scenen siden de startet i 1988. Hvis man ser bort fra 2004/2005, da bandet plutselig ikke eksisterte lengre for så å komme tilbake med ny glød, har de delt sine death metal oppfatninger med oss gjennom 8 studioalbum. Vår growlende reporter Sigve Torland tok kontakt med bandets Adrie Kloosterwaard for å sjekke ut ståa i SINISTER anno 2008/2009.


Anticipating the release of the new Sinister album, "The Silent Howling", would you tell us about the album from your vantage point?

With this CD Sinister has a slightly different sound than before. After 20 years we wanted to do something different without going soft. There is more room for melody and other new stuff in the new album.

Massacre Records, the new deal… the short story?

We are happy with this deal. Massacre is doing a good job for us. At Nuclear Blast all the promotion money was going to the big sellers so there was nothing left for us anymore. There you come to the point that you don't sell enough anymore and then you can go.

Tour plans to promote the new release?

Mmmm maybe..we will see. If there will be any really good offers, we will do it…NO BULL SHIT.

Sinister has been around for almost two decades now, death metal then and now?

Yes of course, what do you think? This is the only music we will ever make. (men å svare på spørsmålet…. det kunne de ikke…)

The marketing possibilities have changed a lot since Sinister first started out, thinking mainly about internet, any thoughts about this?

For a lot of bands this means the end. When everybody is downloading your stuff you will sell less CD's and that means less money for your next recording. The sound will not be that good and people start to complain..but it's funny… The people who complain are the same people who are downloading everything, and this will go on and on…more and more.

Taking us back to the beginning, did you ever think you would keep on playing Death Metal in the year 2008?

I was never thinking about this at all, and I think there is also no age that say that you have to stop after 40 right.

What does it take to be a major league act in the Death Metal scene?

Making killer music and maybe, like some bands, kissing a lot of asses of the right persons.

When not on the road, how much time is spent rehearsing?

One time a week for 4 hours, we can not do more because of our day jobs and families.

How do you write/come up with new material?

That all come from the hands of Alex. He is creating the stuff at home, gives it to us, and we practice at home. When everybody knows what to do we go to the rehearsal studio to check it out when we play it together.


You have had the opportunity to share stage with a lot of bands up through the years, any particular favorites?

Suffocation & Cannibal Corpse, they where, and I think still are, really nice people.

Do you have any bands that you would categorize as inspirational? Which bands and in what way would you say they inspire(d) you?

Not that many when I think about it, Sinister had right away their own sound, and I think nobody sounds like us.

Is there any new Death Metal bands that you would like to share the stage with in the future?

I like Whitechapel and Bleeding Through a lot so it will be sick to play with them.

Some people claim that there is a difference between "American" and "European" death metal? Any thoughts on this?

Mmmm yes a bit. I think that European bands have a bit more a style of their own than the US bands.

Any advice to young aspiring bands out there?

Try to create your own style of death metal and don't go on stage to quickly. Wait until you are really ready for it.