4 nye til ROSKILDE

4 nye til ROSKILDE

Four fresh bands from Scandinavia and Great Britain

Röyksopp and Volbeat join the programme alongside Friendly Fires and Frightened Rabbit.

Roskilde Festival has two Scandinavian blockbusters ready. A couple of best-selling acts who sell tickets and albums far away from their local, wind-swept birth towns.

RÖYKSOPP (N) combines frost-bitten and atmospheric electronica with Euro dance and 80s pop, which has sent the two Norwegians straight onto the charts. Their third album, Junior, soon sees the light of day and will certainly bring about new hits in the same way as was the case with the million-selling debut Melody A.M.


VOLBEAT (DK) just keeps winning new fans in Denmark and abroad. With the latest album Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood, they tighten the grib on a unique sound that is best described as an oiled cocktail mix of Metallica, Danzig and Elvis Presley. World dominance may very well follow as the Danes this year also tour in the US.

British dance rock and folk
New acts keep jutting out in Great Britain. The tireless music media create more names than one manages to digest – but Roskilde Festival believes to have found two truly long-lasting ones.

FRIENDLY FIRES (UK) excel in melodic and danceable rock. Disco, rave, 80s synths and African-inspired rhythms are component parts in the young band's Talking Heads-inspired universe. This British band is for fans of Klaxons, The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem – and despite their young age they already deliver tremendous and very energetic concerts.

FRIGHTENED RABBIT (UK) plays semi-bitter, Scottish everyday rock in the tradition of Arab Strap and The Twilight Sad. Lead singer Scott Hutchison's candid stories – that are like outcasts of fortune – take the centre of the songs. They are accompanied by a band whose melodic folk rock often gets an extra shot of aggression and distortion when played live.

Same deal next Wednesday…
Roskilde Festival is back with more music next week.