BRUTAL TRUTH – “Evolution Through Revolution” ferdig innspilt

BRUTAL TRUTH – “Evolution Through Revolution” ferdig innspilt

BRUTAL TRUTH: Completes Work On New Album

BRUTAL TRUTH has recently completed work on their brand-new album and first full-length in 10 years. The album, titled Evolution Through Revolution, was recorded at Watchman Studios in Lockport, NY with engineer Doug White (PSYOPUS). Evolution Through Revolution is currently scheduled for an April 30th international release via Relapse Records.

Advance song titles taken from Evolution Through Revolution include: "Sugardaddy", "Get A Therapist… Spare The World", "Evolution Through Revolution", "Detached", "Global Good Guy", "Lifer", "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs", and "Grind Fidelity".



BRUTAL TRUTH bassist Danny Lilker commented on the album: "Brutal Truth has worked our asses off to write and arrange some of the sickest, most inhuman grindcore ever created. With Jason PC from Blood Duster handling the mix we're positive that the music and production on Evolution Through Revolution will satisfy the cravings of the sickest bastards out there. Enjoy!"


Drummer Richard Hoak adds: "I think Evolution Through Revolution is the best Brutal Truth record by far!  We are all totally psyched about the songs and the production and can't wait to start bringing our grinding soundtrack to the end of history live and direct to the people! Hell yeah!"