PAGAN ALTAR til Metal Merchants

PAGAN ALTAR til Metal Merchants

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We're extremely proud to announce that we've added the no less than legendary NWOBHM band PAGAN ALTAR to the bill! Over 30 years has gone since Terry and Alan Jones founded PAGAN ALTAR, and despite many years in the dark, the doom pioneers never really gave up, and will now bring their black mass to Norway and our humble festival! PAGAN ALTAR will play on friday, and adjusted times will soon be up on .




For those of you not familiar with PAGAN ALTAR for some sick reason, please check out .


As for the second cancellation, we're still working on a replacement, and we bet that you can tell from this email that we're not settling for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to making you all happy.


So, until we all get a judgement of the dead, best regards once more from

Sigurd, Ronny and Stian