BEHEMOTH studiorapport

BEHEMOTH studiorapport

Behemoth is in the final stages of the songwriting process for their upcoming, yet untitled album. The record is tentatively expected sometime in the fall via Metal Blade (US), Nuclear Blast (Europe). Nergal and Co. are planning to enter the studio in the middle of February. Band’s mainman has issued a following report:

“As I write this, we have seven songs that are completely written and arranged though there’s still leads missing in some of them. It all sounds tight as fuck and very fresh! There are two more songs under working so after New Year break we should start working on it. I want this album to be very consistent, intense and catchy at the same time. Judging by what what’s been composed so far, that’s exactly where we are with this new material.“

Behemoth rehearsing. Picture – Krzysztof "Sado" Sadowski

“Last year was a very productive year for all of us…we’ve toured US, Australia and New Zealand, covered most of prestigious festivals in Europe and invaded virgin markets in Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand. It was also the first time since ages that I managed to take two months off from any band activity. I travelled a lot, recharged my batteries and decompressed myself. I’ve been collecting ideas, riffs and pieces of lyrics throughout the whole 2008 but it was in October where I seriously kicked my ass and started full on work on the album. It went pretty rough in the very first stages but the more stuff was written the smoother it went.”

“I must confess that I’m way more excited about this record than I was for “The Apostasy”. It’s probably the whole label situation that we had to deal back then, Inferno’s injury that caused crazy deadlines that completely drained the energy out of my system… I even started treating that album as unwanted child. Weird, because from time perspective it’s a great one. This time though everything was planned much in advanced. I found time to live my life, get some energy back, get inspired and so on…when we met in October it was obvious that all of us were really hungry for making new music. It’s definitely 100% Behemoth. I would risk to say that we do have our own style but it’s still improving, evolving in different directions every time we approach new project. Most of the songs are the really fast, technical and intense, at the same time there’s a lot of diversity. There’s even a very slow, massive song that’s probably the most epic tracks in Behemoth’s history. Everything sounds more serious and…dangerous (I love that word, ha ha). There’s probably more sinister vibe in our music this time too. I’m completely stoked and I just can’t wait til we enter the studio!”