DEATH FEAST – En liten men extreme festival

DEATH FEAST – En liten men extreme festival

Vår reisende onkel Sigve har vært på Tysklandstur og besøkt Death Feast i Hünxe. Den lille byen ligger nord/nordvest for Essen, ikke så fryktelig langt fra grensen til Nederland og den huser en av de mindre metalfestivalene i Europa. Rundt 1800 festivaldeltagere var på plass i år og de fikk sammen med vår utsendte onkel hele 36 av de mer extreme death metal bandene verden har å by på per dags dato.

Etter at festivalen var over og roen igjen hadde senket seg over Hünxe, tok Sigve kontakt med den utrolig hyggelige festivalgeneralen Mike fra BCP Agency der han delte sine tanker fra årets festival med oss. Samtidig røper Mike de 3 første navnene til neste års Death Feast, og her er det bare å begynne ferieplanleggingen.


Now that Death Feast is over, how does it feel?
Well, right now we are happy it's over. We had a good time but also A LOT of work in the last weeks/month but it was great to see all those Death Metal Heads having so much fun on these days. It is an honour for us to do this and since so many Death Metal Heads from all over Europe showed up, we know we are doing something right…

What were the highlights and the downfalls, if any, on Death Feast this year?
One of the highlights was to see the people coming even when it was raining the whole day on Thursday. They just seem to not care about the weather and that was awesome! And the weather was definitely the downfall this year, because everything else was just great!


Were there any surprises e.g. any of the bands?
The biggest surprise for me was to see Cryptopsy playing their set. There was a lot of discussion about the new record in the last weeks but I think Cryptopsy did show the people how a good death Metal performance has to look like! That was KILLER!!!

Obviously the weather could not be dictated… do you think it mattered?
Because of the weather we had a lot of extra work of course, but it looked like the people don't really care because there was party going on everywhere….

What was the total number of visitors this year?

Security and Ambulance were present; did they have a hard time at this year's festival?
No, they had just fun, and that's the way it should be! Death metal heads are very friendly and helping each other out when there is a problem! We didn't have any fights or something, just some small cuts in the fingers or things like that, just smaller accidents that happen….

How did things go about on the camp site?
At the first day the weather turned our camping ground into a mud hole, but we have other grounds to get the people to that where quiet good for the camping.

What about next year? Any plans already made; any bands on the rooster already?
We will have some BIG bands on the bill in 2009, that's all I can say now;-). We have already confirmed ASPHYX, DEVOURMENT and General Surgery but check out our website and you will see what comes next year….

How big of a crew are involved in the making and carrying out of Death Feast?
The main crew is about 8 people. They have all taking a part of the organisation incl. All guys we should be around 100 that make this happen.

What was your favourite performance/moment this year?
Like I said CRYPTOPSY was my favourite this year, but that's just my thought of course.