Indie Recordings is proud to announce the signing of rising Black Metal stars, Keep Of Kalessin.


The fury has been building for years, Obsidian C. and his crew, has since the very beginning constantly worked hard, building the band’s name brick by brick. From the flame was lit back in the mid nineties, it has taken Keep Of Kalessin over ten years of dedication and hard work to get them where they are today.

The new album is entitled “Kolossus” and is anticipated to have a huge impact on the whole metal scene. Recorded in the band’s own studio in Trondheim, “Kolossus” is a natural descendant of “Armada”, and perfectly reflects the unique musical craftsmanship and the undisputable power of the band. All songs featured on the album are recorded in one take – no clipping or copy/paste technique is used on any instrument as the band aims to bring out the true natural feel of the music. Expect nothing less than an organic masterpiece!

The base of the music has still clear references to Black Metal, but the band also includes other influences like Death Metal, Thrash Metal and non-metal components, making their style fresh and truly unique. KEEP OF KALESSIN will soon be one of the main driving forces in extreme Metal and is definitely one of THE bands to watch in 2008.


The album will be available both as a regular CD and VINYL but also in a very exclusive limited edition DIGIPACK with embossed logo/ Insideout printing and a bonus DVD. We are also very happy to have our good friends in Nuclear Blast on board for Licensing in America, GAS and ASIA


In a press statement the band comments the signing and the upcoming album:


"After 13 years of existence, Keep Of Kalessin finally feel that we have a label that is supporting the band as much as we deserve. Indie has already proven to be without question the best distributor and label from Norway, and are now putting all their strength into making Keep Of Kalessin a top priority.
I personally think that the collaboration between Indie Recordings and Nuclear Blast is the best setup Keep Of Kalessin could hope for today!"
-Obsidian C.


Keep Of Kalessin are currently a part of "The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 – Legions Of The Chosen Few" through North America along with DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTHCome May we will see them tour the UK, and an extensive European Tour this fall is already in the making.



OUT ON JUNE 6th 2008


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