De 19 siste navnene til GMM

De 19 siste navnene til GMM




The bill for GMM2008 is complete! We're adding MOONSPELL to the Friday line-up and DISFEAR and SKINDRED to the Sunday line-up respectively. Also, you will find the 16 names for the Metal Dome below. As in recent years, this stage will host new talent! The aim is to showcase bands from the Benelux countries as well as international acts. The Metal Dome will rock on after the last band has left the stage every night. This tent is located next to the festival grounds and stays open round the clock. There are concerts during the day and when night comes down, this tent becomes the Dessel's premier metal pit until the early hours!

Graspop Metal Meeting 2008 will go out in style with ACTION IN DC on Sunday night in the Metal Dome!




STEAK NUMBER EIGHT are the winners of Humo's Rock Rallys 2008. Unlike Tokio Hotel these guys don't look like women and their guitars mean business. Averaging just 14 years of age, these young dogs blew the jury's socks off and now they're ready to do the same to a metal audience. Their debut is scheduled for an early April release so be sure to check it out. The next generation has arrived…


Somewhere in Greece lie the origins of a metal force bound to stir the hearts of metal lovers with epic power metal, bombastic guitars and melodic hooks. FIREWIND is spearheaded by Gus G., formerly of Nightrage, Arch Enemy and others. The band's debut and the follow-up album rocked the underground and caught the eye of the major labels. Century Media signed the band and in 2005 the label released Firewind's third effort ‘Forged by Fire'. Firewind is extremely prolific because less than a year later album number four was released worldwide. In fact, 2004 was the only year without a new album. Releasing four albums in six years' time means one of two things: either these guys are easy to please as far as song quality goes, or they're talented as hell. Check them out and decide for yourselves!


This is a Belgian outfit with roots in Massif, a band seasoned Graspoppers will remember from 2002 when they were the festival openers. In 2006, vocalist Gunther Uytterhoeven and guitarist Hans De Bruck enlisted drummer Stef Sinhave and bassist Bart De Roeck. They started work on their debut album under the new band name DAMN YOUR IDOLS until the tragic death of Gunther's daughter. The band resumed its activities at the start of this year and Apache Records was so wildly enthusiastic about preproduction that they signed the band then and there. The release is scheduled for April this year. Get ready for metal/hardrock in the best Channel Zero tradition.

The Lucifer Principle
Damn Your Idols

Late 2004, a small group of Dutch metalheads set about the construction of an indestructible and brutal machine: THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE. The band's two demos featured their own approach to a very old musical genre. The Lucifer Principle takes old school heavy metal, rock 'n' roll and groove and gives it their own "stomping death metal" treatment, including the use of a double bass. The band was named after the members' primary source of inspiration viz. Howard Bloom's book of the same name. The band describes their live performance as "action = reaction": energetic, with time for interaction. Early 2007, The Lucifer Principle started work on their full length debut ‘Pitch Black Dawn', which landed them a slot in our metal temple.


Formed in 1999, DEDICTED is not a new name on the Belgian metal scene but the band was only signed this year by Shiver Records, the label par excellence for promising bands on the Belgian underground scene. Dedicted has already released two demos under their own steam, but the band's deal with Shiver Records and the debut album ‘Argonauts' have definitely taken their career to the next level. The band combines a death and thrash-based style with groovy guitars and aggressive melodies. This makes it hard to label the band and that's just how we like it. Every year, the metal dome provides a platform for Belgian talent and this year is no exception.




The name Martijn Westerholt will certainly ring a bell with most gothic fans. After leaving Within Temptation in 2001, keyboard player Westerholt invited several like-minded musicians to join him in the recording studio for his new DELAIN project: Nightwish bassist Marko Hielata, guitarist Jan Yrlund and Leaves' Eyes frontwoman Liv Kristine provided the Scandinavian input, whereas Within Temptation frontwoman Sharon Den Adel, guitarist Ad Sluyter (Epica), drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek (God Dethroned), vocalist George Oosthoek and guitarist Guus Eikens (ex-Orphanage) defended the Dutch colours. Also, newcomer Charlotte Wessels got her first chance behind the microphone. Nnamed for the fictitious Delain kingdom from Stephen King's novel ‘The Eyes of the Dragon', the band used their international connections to best advantage. They signed a deal with Roadrunner, who then released Delain's much appraised debut effort. More than a who's who in gothic metal, ‘Lucidity' is a collection of gothc rock songs with a unique character.

Valient Thorr

The band name has a long story behind it, but here's the short version: VALIENT THORR is a creature from the planet Venus that lands on earth to make it a better place but is captured by American security agencies. It's actually quite a creative conspiracy theory, but let's focus on the band for a minute. Valient Thorr formed in 2001 and released their debut album ‘Stranded on Earth' under their own steam. They took North America by storm and the band were signed by Volcom Entertainment. Over the next four years, Valient Thorr unleashed two more albums upon their "Thorriors", as they like to call their loyal fans. Be sure to check them out in the Metaldome. They're well worth it, if not for their uncomprimising rocking riffs, then certainly for their creative band name and the (hi)story behind it.


7 June 1692. A massive earthquake annihilates the town of Port Royal Jamaica, killing two thirds of the population. Many saw the disaster as punishment from the gods for the sinful ways of the local population, but the true cause was to be found several nautical miles away. Four Scottish pirates were jamming on their ship, The ALESTORM, and they made enough of a ruckus to tear the earth's crust! The band started as a two-man outfit with founders Gavin Harper and Christopher Bowes. Alestorm's first release followed in 2006, but the duo realised that a permanent line-up would make touring easier so they recruited Dani Evans on bass and drummer Doug Swierczek. The result was every pub owner's wet dream. They released a second EP with more of their rum-soaked folk metal while their fan base grew by the shipload. Ian Wilson took over Swierczek's drumsticks in 2007 and in 2008 the quartet released their full-length debut with ‘Captain Morgan's Revenge'. Raise your cups, screw on your wooden leg and climb aboard!


Caroline Kawa aka Care Failure is the lead singer / guitarist for Canadian alternative rock band DIE MANNEQUIN, which is a remnant of her previous band The Bloody Mannequins. On the band's 2006 debut EP, 21-year-old Failure played every instrument herself as she didn't yet have a permanent band at the time. She enlisted the help of two friends: Pat M (also known as Ghostwolf) on drums and Ethan Deth on bass, who was later replaced by Anthony Bleed. Die Mannequin was signed by EMI and booked as one of the opening acts for the North American leg of Guns N' Roses' US tour. Last year, the band released a four-track EP including the single "Do It Or Die". This single created some ripples in Canda and the US and now Europe is next.

Die Mannequin

This French band's 2003 demo caught the attention of Listenable Records, a label with an eye for new talent. ‘Deviant Current Signal' was very well received in the underground and two tours in France and Switzerland in support of this debut surprised friend and foe alike. For their follow-up album, HACRIDE was bent on producing a collection of songs that would showcase their originality and complexity. ‘Amoeba' was released last year and Hacride's technical metal certainly merits a listen to.




Graspop Metal Meeting 2008 will go out in style with ACTION IN DC, the number one European AC/DC cover band. For 18 years they've been bringing Bon Scott to life in the form of Mario B. Scott. They've opened for bands such as Motörhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Manowar and Deep Purple. Not only classics such as "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Highway to Hell", "Let There Be Rock" and "Thunderstruck" are on the playlist, but also some songs AC/DC themselves hardly ever play live e.g. "Love Hungry Man", "Can I Sit next to You Girl" and "Ride On". Action in DC are Graspop veterans so they know what you want: loud music and an explosive show!


THE SEVENTH from Heist o/d Berg found its first stable line-up in 2003 with Brad and Gerhard (founding members, guitarists as well as brothers), vocalist Tim, bassist Pete and drummer Tony. Tons of hard work and endless rehearsals followed and in 2005 the band released their first mini CD ‘Only Blackness Radiates'. The band's growing live reputation started to open doors and things were looking up, but Pete's suicide was a serious setback. Nevertheless, The Seventh persevered and new band member Gert filled the vacant slot. Abroad they have shared the stage with the likes of Cryptopsy, Grave, Aborted and Gojira and this additional experience ultimately resulted in a deal with Shiver records. Last year the band released their debut album ‘Cursed Earth Wasteland'. The album features black/death metal with a touch of Amon Amarth and a more than deserved gig on Belgium's biggest festival.

The Seventh
Witchsmeller Pursuivant

In 1993, Mike Geezer, Paul Evrard and Luciver Vecken laid the groundwork for a new band. As die-hard fans of heavy metal and absurd humour, they decide to name the band for the fifth episode of the first season of Blackadder: WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT. The band starts playing gigs as soon as the line-up is complete and rave live reviews prompt the trio to record their first demo. This first recording paves the way toward bigger venues and pretty soon the fans are roaring the lyrics to classics such as "Witchsmeller Pursuivant" and "VAIS". In 2001, WP release their first full-length CD with ‘Enter Delirium'. A show at the Biebob in front of 300 delirious fans was definitely a high point. Their follow-up CD, ‘Manifest of Evil', was six years in the making but the sound is still heavy metal of the noblest blood. Smell that witch!


Like so many other outfits this metalcore band hails from the US, but make no mistake: SHAI HULUD is something special, if only because of their impressive list of former band members. Only founder Matt Fox remains from the early 1995 days. For the next two years, only the band's frequent line-up changes were worth reporting. No one really took the band seriously until the release of their debut ‘Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion'. The band hit the road and this exposed the band members to fresh influences and as a result, band members kept coming and going as they moved on to new things. Six chaotic years later the band managed to keep the line-up stable long enough to record a second album, ‘That within Blood III – Tempered'. That same year, the band briefly changed its name to The Warmth of Red Blood and after reverting to Shai Hulud, another album was released under the title ‘Misanthropy Pure'. Check out the current line-up because more personnel changes may be imminent.


AFTER ALL and BLACK TIDE have also be confirmed for the Metal Dome on Sunday.


Here you will find the preliminary schedules for the three festival days.


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