WORSHIP til Norge

WORSHIP til Norge

WORSHIP Tour Dates

The Funeral Doom Metal Band WORSHIP is heading towards their 10th anniversary this year, reason enough for a small selection of exclusive concerts, with new live musicians:

"10 Years Of WORSHIP" Tour
19.04.08 Moscow Doom Festival III, Moscow (Tochka), Russia
31.05.08 Brno (Yacht), Czech Republique
07.06.08 Sludge Noise Night Spremberg (Erebos), Germany
21.06.08 Tokyo-Kouenji (20000V), Japan
22.06.08 Tokyo-Asakusa (Kurawood), Japan
20.09.08 Oslo (South Of Heaven), Norway
(Late October) Dutch Doom Day, Rotterdam, Holland
09.11.08 Cologne (MTC), Germany

Tour might be continued. Any concert offers should be directed to: Info <AT> EndzeitElegies <DOT> Com

Background: Worship has just released their album "Dooom" (see below). All members are also active in the band Beyond The Void. Photo, logo and more info here: http://www.endzeitelegies.com/press.php

EndE001: WORSHIP – "DOOOM" (Endzeit Elegies / Avasonic / Rough Trade #354.6033.2)
With an average rating of about 92%, this Funeral Doom album is often mentioned as a highlight of 2007. Coming in a luxury 10-fold-digipack edition, 16 pages booklet, it definitely looks and feels big. 73 minutes of extremely slow Doom, 8 tracks building a continous story with narrations, each track depicted on its own digipack fold by outstanding artist Gustavo Sazes (Sonic Syndicate, Mystic Prophecy, Firewind). Contains the last recordings of deceased co-founder Max. Distributed in DE / AT / CH / IT / UK (Rough Trade), USA (Hellride), JP (Weird Truth), RU (Solitude), FR (Forgotten Wisdom), BE / NE / LUX (Sonic Rendezvous), PL (Forshadow).  www.EndzeitElegies.com

"A funeral doom fan's wet dream"
Vampire Magazine

"This release stands head and shoulders above the rest
of the crap currently around in this vein of Doom Metal"
Hyperblast Metal UK (9.3 of 10)

"A massive Beast of An Album"
Metal Observer 9 / 10

Nightfall In Metal Earth 10 / 10

"One of the best extreme/funeral doom albums
released in the last five years."
Diabolical Conquest India 9 / 10

"A lot of funeral doom is depressing of course,
but Worship are the daddies."
Metal Crypt 4.75 / 5

"The words 'unique' and 'original', 'extensive'
and 'genius' don't even begin to cover what this
album represents for doom metal and art in general."
Heathen Harvest

"Doom Metal diehards run for your copy,
this album is a MUST."
Burning Black

"There has never been a band such as Worship,
nor will there ever be another."
Maelstrom 10 / 10