THE BATALLION låter online

THE BATALLION låter online

The Batallion press release, Dark Essence Records 04.03.08

Tracks from the upcoming The Batallion album, "Stronghold of Men" can be previewed at: It is also possible to download the song "The Spirit of Masculinity" for free from the same page.

The Batallion, the band consisting of past and current members of Old Funeral, Grimfist, Taake, Bömbers and Borknagar, is ready to unleash hell upon the world. The album The Stronghold of Men will be released through Dark Essence Records in Norway on the 17'Th March and worldwide on April

The album is recorded and mixed in Conclave Studios and produced by Bart Schlegermeister and contain 11 tracks of kick-ass old-school thrash metal. The album features guest vocals by none other than Abbath (Immortal) which is also a big fan of the band.

The album can be pre-ordered for customers in Norway in the Dark Essence Records webshop;

The Batallion is confirmed for the following festivals:
21'Th March: Inferno Festival 2008, Oslo, Norway
25'Th April: Karmøygeddon Festival 2008, Haugesund, Norway
11'Th May: Festung Open Air 2008, Bitterfeld, Germany

Tracks from the album can also be heard on the bands myspace: