MARIONETTE med artwork, video teaser og studiorapport

MARIONETTE med artwork, video teaser og studiorapport


Gothenburg Sweden based metal sextet Marionette have updated their official Myspace Page with the music video teaser for their first single “Burn Me,” a final video studio diary, as well as new promotional photos and web-layouts. Marionette’s debut album, Spite, will be released on 28 April 2008 in Europe through France’s Listenable Records. North America and other worldwide release dates will be announced in the near future. The Artwork for Spite, was done by vocalist Axel Widén and can be viewed HERE  Bassist Mikael Mendin had the following to say regarding the onslaught of news:

“Hello everyone! Today is a huge day for Marionette! We posted the artwork for our debut album Spite, which will be released on April 28 through Listenable Records across Europe. We will soon announce other release dates. Today everyone can take a sneak preview of our debut music video “Burn Me” which was recorded by Robert Karlsson, who works with Patrick Ullaeus (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, etc), a video producer we are sure everyone knows a lot about! Everyone can also check out promotional photos and a final wrap up studio diary that can be viewed on both the Myspace and Official Youtube Pages.

“We’ve posted tons of live photos from our recent gigs with Sonic Syndicate, and Girugämesh. We also revamped out Official Website and Myspace Page; big thanks to Emil Nyström from Zonaria for doing a great job with the design! We hope everyone has enjoyed listening to “Parasite” and “In Spite”: tons of more new songs will be online soon, so everyone, get ready to rock out soon! We are lining up more shows and tour opportunities, so we will see you on the road soon!

“Also, be sure to tune into our Myspace Page next week as we will be unveiling the details of our upcoming contest, where you can win exclusive Marionette merch, which will be delivered to you on the release date of Spite. Till then, rock on!”

Tracklisting for Spite goes as follows:
1. Parasite
2. Legion
3. Release
4. Flies
5. Closed Doors
6. Burn Me (Single) (Video Teaser Link)
7. In Spite
8. To Make Men
9. Dead Boy And Girls