Keep on rotting in the free world 18/01 14:42

Keep on rotting in the free world

Greetings everyone! We're very happy to announce the first bands for the ninth edition of Hole in the Sky, set to take place the 27th- 30th of August this year. For the first time ever, the legendary gods of grind will visit the festival. Carcass will make a much anticipated visit to Bergen at the end of this summer and needless to say, we're extremely happy to have this ground breaking four piece as a part of the festival.

Setting the benchmark in every genre from goregrind/grindcore to melodic death metal, these guys have done it all, leaving a legacy (and a number of copycats) unsurpassed in the world of extreme metal, spawning classic albums like «Symphonies of Sickness», «Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious» and «Heartwork». You know where you want to be when this once-in-a-lifetime experience takes place.

Also lined up for the 2008 festival are veteran folk metal outfit Primordial.

For many years the leaders of the Irish metal scene, these veterans recently released arguably their best album yet with the late-2007 album To «The Nameless Dead», hailed by many critics as album of the year. Boasting a sound that is both defiantly original and distinctly metal, Hole in the Sky are proud to present this outstanding quartet at the peak of their career. Do not miss out on this pagan ceremony.

Tickets on sale via www.ticketmaster.no on Friday 25.01.08