OVERKILL kommer på besøk

OVERKILL kommer på besøk

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Overkill are the alpha and the omega of thrash metal. With a career spanning over two decades and 15 full-length albums, Overkill have remained a constant in the metal genre they helped define.

There are few names as well respected as Overkill, and with the resurgence of metal in the music world, this band is poised to return to the top.
Overkill are ready to show mature metal heads they still have it and are geared up to teach the new schoolers exactly how it's done.

So far, the confirmed bands for 2008's festival are:

Satyricon, Destruction, Overkill, Tulus, Krux, Shining, 1349 and Behemoth.

The Inferno Festival will take place in Oslo, Norway march 19-22. For the first time we spread our love for metal with 40 bands over 4 whole days…

Tickets ARE on sale, and the complete lineup will be revealed at our kickoff party at John Dee in Oslo january 26th 2008
– but we will as always announce more bands on christmas eve. Stay tuned!!