SLAGMAUR uenig med plateselskap

SLAGMAUR uenig med plateselskap

Norwegian Black Metallers SLAGMAUR, well known for their tendency to knock the hell out of each other while recording, have this time managed to complete work on their new album relatively unscathed; only to find that their argument this time is with their label rather than with each other.




Germany's Black Hate Productions who recently released SLAGMAUR's "Svin", the third and final part of the band's "Protocols of Fosen Trilogy", and of which a reviewer said "Norwegian Black Metal hasn't seen anything as good as this in a long time!!" has voiced some concern over the General's ideology as expressed in the forthcoming "Skrekk Lich Kunstler".  It is, apparently,  "somewhat unusual".  Discussions are still taking place! 


SLAGMAUR's members have always been reluctant to talk either about themselves, or their music, and no one knows very much about the identity of its creator, the shadowy General Gribbsphiiser, and drummer Lt Wardr and vocalist Aatselgribb.  Photos are rare and those that do exist only show the members heavily disguised.  The band's music has been pushing the boundaries of Black Metal, a genre to which the band avow a very strong allegiance, by creating distorted and sinister audio environments and including surprising elements which challenge the senses on many levels and frequently only become obvious depending on the mood of the listener.


Further information about the band, and tracks from their previous releases can be heard on the SLAGMAUR website at