Ny AVA INFERI låt på nett

Ny AVA INFERI låt på nett




Upcoming release: "The Silhouette" (digipak + 16 page booklet)
Release date: Oct. 15th, US Oct. 23rd
MP3 – The Silouhette – Pulse of the Earth

Season of Mist release the upcoming track AVA INFERI "Pulse of the Earth" on the internet (taken from upcoming album "The Silhouette").

AVA INFERI reveals "The first version of this song had a totally different character. The overall feeling is probably the same but the rhythmic structure was completely different. It had an almost floating, ambient kind of vibe to it and was generally more avant-garde than what it turned out to be. We feel that the new version has all the elements that makes AVA INFERI something different, and it's also one of the most powerful songs we have composed up to this point in our career. A true and powerful declaration.

The lyrics on "Pulse of the Earth" are strongly influenced by nature and the forces therein, and furthermore, they paint a vision of the interactions between man and nature. Note that "The Silhouette" in itself is partly devoted to the elemental aspects of our world and that this song represents the earth element, if any doubt…

On this particular song we also use different types of rhythmic or native (diverse) instruments to recreate and achieve a kind of ritualistic feeling. To bring out the message and its essence to the fullest. We also believe that every song presented on "The Silhouette" has its own strength and mission. That each song has its own peculiar twist. An album full of surprises!"

"The Silhouette" will be in stores on Oct 15th and Oct 23rd for the US.