BRUTAL TRUTH på gang med nytt materiale

BRUTAL TRUTH på gang med nytt materiale


BRUTAL TRUTH: Begin Work On New Material



    Reunited seminal grindcore / extreme metal outfit BRUTAL TRUTH have begun writing for a new full-length album. The troupe has crafted six brand new songs so far, each one faster and more brutal than the one before it.


    BRUTAL TRUTH’s Danny Lilker elaborates: “"We have 6 new songs in varying stages of evolution that are shaping up to be some of the most intense shit we've ever written. After 8 years it feels damn good to write some really psychotic grind, and we've jumped right into the deep end of the pool. Stylistically it seems to pick up where Sounds of the Animal Kingdom left off with the main difference being we're also incorporating some of the old school type riffing from Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses but at a much faster tempo. We'll keep you posted as things develop!"


    BRUTAL TRUTH drummer Rich Hoak adds: “"Help, I just can't stop playing faster and faster and faster and faster!!! My arms are gonna fall off of my body!! Totally psyched for total fucking grind!!!"


    BRUTAL TRUTH recently wrapped up a Summer European headlining tour that included a number of festival appearances (Hellfest, Graspop, Trashfest, Obscene Extreme, and more). The band says of the shows: “We’d like to thank every last freak that came out to see us at the European shows we did in June and July, it was an awesome tour thanks to you. Special thanks would go to Curby and crew from the Obscene Extreme Festival for welcoming us with grinding enthusiasm! Lookout for more Brutal Truth live shows to be announced soon!!”


    BRUTAL TRUTH has recently seen the reissue of their heralded 1997 masterpiece Sounds of the Animal Kingdom. The re-mastered and repackaged version comes complete with the preceding Kill Trend Suicide mini-CD (1996), bonus video footage in the form of the band’s 'Dead Smart' video, extensive and exhaustive liner notes from the band, and a forward from Choosing Death author Albert Mudrian. For more information on this reissue, please click here.


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