IMMORTAL til Trondheim

IMMORTAL til Trondheim

Metal legends to Trondheim!


UKA-07 are proud to announce that Immortal have chosen Trondheim for the first time to be
their last gig before they fully concentrate on their upcoming studio album.
20th of October 2007 is expected to be brutal for all head bangers when Immortal enters The Great Hall at Samfundet, Trondheim. The band, which recently has played in one of the greatest and most exclusive heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air in Germany, describes their music as “a niche for frozen, fast and catchy songs”.

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Immortal started out in 1991. In 2001 they won the well acknowledged Norwegian prize in the metal class, Alarmprisen, for their album Damned in Black. In 2003 they decided to split due to personal reasons, but reunited fulltime in 2006.



Settled in Trondheim and arranged every other year since 1917, UKA is the largest cultural festival in Norway. UKA is mainly a music festival, attracting a huge number of visitors over the three weeks it is held. Besides the music, the festival also offers a broad range of cultural events, e.g. theatre, art and stage shows. UKA-05 was a big success, with nearly 300 events and over 80 000 tickets sold, which gave a total turnover of €3 million.
– UKA-07 wants to draw everyone out from their dungeons of death when these visitors from hell guest Trondheim with their dark and unholy music, says CEO Lise Alund Skjølås.
For international fans: when you arrive at Trondheim Airport, drive past Hell and continue till you are almost at “The Valley of Death, instead enter The Grand Hall of Samfundet, Trondheim.