DEFIANCE trippel CD på gang

DEFIANCE trippel CD på gang

Metal Mind Productions proudly presents "Insomnia" – a 3CD digipack containing remastered versions of the following Defiance albums: "Product of Society" , "Void Terra Firma" & "Beyond Recognition". Defiance, a thrash metal band formed in 1985 by Brad Bowers (guitar), Mike Kaufmann (bass) and Matt Vander Ende (drums), belonged to the San Francisco thrash fraternity of the late 80's, along with bands like Testament, Exodus or Forbidden. It recorded three studio albums, which have been unavailable for almost 10 years!!! Defiance regrouped in 2005 with four of the original members and, in March 2006, they  signed a new record deal. They are currently drawing towards completing a full length CD and DVD.
"Insomnia" will be released on the 6th August in Europe / 3rd September in the USA. This special collector's edition includes classic material from Roadrunner Records archives digitally remastered using 24-Bit process and released on golden discs. 3 CD digipack edition is limited to numerated 2000 copies and contains 28 page booklet with lyrics to all songs, full story of the band, and over 20 bonus tracks taken from the band's archives.  

Defiance_Insomnia.gifDefiance –
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP 3 CD BOX 003
Barcode: 5907785029941
Format: 3 CD Digipack + 28 page booklet (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre:  thrash metal
Release date: 06.08.2007 Europe / 03.09.2007 US  


Product Of Society
1. The Fault
2. Death Machine
3. Product Of Society
4. Forgotten
5. Lock Jaw
6. Insomnia
7. Deadly Intentions
8. Aftermath
9. Tribulation
10. Hypothermia
Bonus tracks:
11. Hypothermia (demo)
12. Aftermath (demo)
13. Deadly Intentions (demo)
14. MIA (Forgotten) (demo)
15. Product of Society (demo)
16. Riff Raff
17. Matt's drum solo
18. Checkmate into Skits-Illusions  

Void Terra Firma  
1. Void Terra Firma                                              
2. Deception Of Faith                                           
3. Questions                                                          
4. Skitz-Illusions                                                   
5. Slayground                                                        
6. Killers                                                                
7. Steamroller                                                        
8. Checkmate                                                         
9. Buried Or Burned                                             
10. Last Resort (Welcome To Poverty)                                                                            
Bonus tracks:
11. Violent Remedy (Void) (demo)
12. Skitz-Illusions (demo)
13. Checkmate (demo)
14. Deception of Faith (demo)
15. Checkmate
16. Drum solo-Lockjaw
17. The Fault  

Beyond Recognition  
1. The Killing Floor
2. Step Back
3. Perfect Nothing
4. No Compromise
5. Dead Silence
6. Inside Looking Out
7. The Chosen
8. Power Trip
9. Promised Afterlife                                                                            
Bonus tracks:
10. Beyond Recognition
11. Born to Kill (Product) (demo)
12 MIA (Forgotten) (demo)
13 Hypothermia (demo)
14. Inside Looking Out
15. Tribulation Live
16. Void Live  

Defiance – thrash metal band formed in 1985 by Brad Bowers (guitar), Mike Kaufmann (bass) and Matt Vander Ende (drums) belonged to the San Francisco thrash fraternity of the late 80's, along with bands like Testament, Exodus or Forbidden. Their second demo "Hypothermia" caught the attention of Roadrunner Records who signed the band in the Summer of 1988. Defiance then traveled to Vancouver Canada to record their first album with Jeff Waters of Annihilator as producer. 1989 saw the release of their debut album "Product of Society" and another change in line-up – Elkinton was replaced by Steev Esquivel. In 1990 they released their second album "Void Terra Firma" which was recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, CA with John Cuniberti doing the production duties. Two years later in 1992 came the band's finest work to date, "Beyond Recognition". This album was recorded at Bayview Studios in Richmond, CA and was produced by Rob Beaton. This would turn out to be their last. Adams and Van der Ende immediately took their leave from Defiance and were therefore superseded by guitarist Brian Wenzel and drummer Mike Bennett. Wenzel and Bennett not only joined the band Defiance in 1993, they also *left* the band within months of joining. Jim Adams returned to replace the ousted Wenzel and Mike Bennett left on his own a few months later. Bennett was replaced by Tyson Leeper on drums. Defiance continued to write new material and did several local shows with this line up before Steev Esquivel left the band in late 1993. During the search for a replacement, Tyson also left Defiance. Steev was replaced by Dave Godfrey White (Heathen) and the next drummer to join the ranks of Defiance was Paul Bloemink. After doing a few shows and recording a demo with Rob Beaton (Defiance, Heathen) producing, the decision was made to replace Paul with Hugo Barrientos on drums. It was at this time, the band decided that the new material sounded nothing like the Defiance that had recorded the first three albums, and made the move to change their name to Inner Threshold. Inner Threshold continued to record and play shows until 1995, when Adams and White exited and were replaced by Chris Long on vocals and guitar. The band then changed their name again to Under. Under played shows and recorded numerous demos until finally calling it quits in 1999.
Defiance regrouped in 2005 with four of the original members. With the addition of new drummer, James 'Flatline' Raymond in the summer of 2005, the group had began to work towards completing a new four song EP. In March of 2006, Defiance signed with Corporate Punishment Records. They are currently working towards completing a full length CD and DVD, with the addition of Mark Hernandez on drums, replacing James Raymond.