Nytt materiale fra HATE

Nytt materiale fra HATE




Industrial death/black metal mongers HATE will soon enter Hertz Studio in Bialystok/Poland to record their new album, tentatively called "Katharsis". HATE have been working on the new material for a few months now and are in the process of making pre-production: creating samples and backgrounds for what is now 8 finished songs! The album, which is going to be a successor of highly recognised "Anaclasis  – A haunting gospel of malice & hatred", is said to be the most mature and ambitious material from the band thus far, demonstraiting a great step ahead as for composition and arrangements. Some titles from the new record are as follows: Omega, Katharsis, Apotheosis, Threnody, Slaves To Their Graves, Resurrection Machine. The premiere of the new record has been set on January 2008 on Listenable Records as a result of a new record deal signed with this company.

 After releasing "Anaclasis", HATE have been focused on promoting the record, touring Europe twice in company of Carpathian Forest and Decapitated, and headlining Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour vol. 4 in Russia, as well as Rebel Angels Tour 2007 in Poland. HATE have also taken part in important festivals such as Party.San Open Air in Germany, Winter Assault in Czech Rep. etc. The band is going to visit Ukraine and Belarus for a dozen of concerts only this year and play a second part of their Polish tour haunting 10 more cities. They will also take part in Pushkin Drive Open Air in St.Petersburg/Russia on July 07 and headline the fifth edition of Filthrock Festival in Germany in September.


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