Diverse labelnyheter fra RUSTY CAGE

Diverse labelnyheter fra RUSTY CAGE


Non-Divine drummer Ruben Viets decided to call it a day and has been replaced by multi-talented musician Vincento Amatngali.

Vincento was already a Non-Divine insider as a pyro-technician and made his first Non-Divine drumsample a while ago for the new song "Head Down". Vincento already successfully played a Non-Divine headlining show, the SABATON and AFTER FOREVER supports and a festival. The band is very pleased having Vincento as a new band-member.

Press partners can find their brand new downloadable presskit, including new band pictures here.

More details about the band can be found at their website.

Official Non-Divine website


To celebrate the release of these debut CD's we'll offer our newsletter readers our "new releases" catalogue at a 25% discount when you buy them at our webstore during July and August. You'll also get your CD's of Cypher, Non-Divine, Magnacult or Obsidian signed by the bands and for some of the buyers we'll arrange a meet and greet at one of their gigs!

Just enter the coupon code: RCR00089 at the RCR webstore and you'll get your discount!

Official Obsidian website Official Magnacult website

To celebrate the releases of these two great new bands we wanted to do something special for our newsletter readers only! During July and August both CD's are available for just €10,- each.

Both debut albums will be released together as greatly designed 6-page digipacks and will be available for €12,95. Check out the next newsletter for our special "Obsidian" and "Magnacult" competition!


Check out this beautifully designed website. The guys at Shadowworks worked really hard to make a site in the same look and feel as Magnacult's debut album "Synoré"

Keep it true

Official Magnacult website


With the official release of Obsidian's Emerging CD drummer Melle Kramer is now an official endorser of Meinl Cymbals . He already played Meinl for some time, but now it's official. Melle's setup consists mainly of cymbals from the Byzance, Amun and Classics (Powerful) series which make his sound very versatile and full of character.

On the new release of Emerging you can hear his setup in full splendor!

Melle also endorses Axis pedals, Balbex drumsticks and HansenFutz practice pedals. Check out his personal website for details.

Official Meinl site

Official Obsidian website


July 15th will see the first rehearsal of the Clarky's Band in London. Not only is it the first rehearsal, but also the first time in which all of the musicians will meet face to face. Everyone has been working hard in their preparations so Paul is hoping that all will go well.

This is a very capable and experienced line-up so Paul is hopeful of great things. There is a little twist to the tale. The studio for this first rehearsal happens to be – by chance – the very same studio that Paul used for his first ever band as a 14 year old. Hopefully this is a good omen.

The plan is to have the band ready for concerts in the autumn. Fingers crossed and wish for a fair wind and the band will be seeing you all very soon.

Official Paul Clark site