3 reutgivelser av FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY

3 reutgivelser av FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY

Front Line Assembly have been one of the most successful and influential bands working in the electro-industrial field over the past two decades. The band was formed in 1986 by Viennese émigré Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizers) along with Rhys Fulber (synthesizers and samplers) and Michael Balch (synthesizers). Leaders in the modern industrial boom, Front Line Assembly have always been ahead of their time. The band's innovative mixture of industrial rhythms, electronics and guitars, together with stunningly hi-tech and futuristic videos, forged a sound that many bands in the electronic world were only just starting to pick up on.  

And today Metal Mind Productions presents re-issues of three albums by Front Line Assembly:  

"Monument" – a collection of unreleased tracks, exclusive remixes, B-sides and the infamous "Monument (Lost Classic Mix)"    

"Millennium" –  the most successful so far and the heaviest Front Line Assembly album from 1994 – new release includes additional CD with 8 bonus tracks taken from the "Surface Patterns" EP & "Millennium" single  


"Reclamation" – a compilation of material from 1989-1994 that proofs the true genius of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber.   Classic material taken from Roadrunner Records' archives in a new digipack edition on golden discs, limited to numerated 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process. All three titles will be released on 6th August 2007.

Front Line Assembly

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD DG 1037
Barcode: 5907785030022
Format: CD Digipack (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre:  rock/electro/club
Release date: 06.08.2007 Europe  


1. Big Money (Remix)
2. Vexation (Provo Mix)
3. Mental Distortion
4. Overkill (Surge Mix)
5. Virus (Cauterized Mix)
6. Resist (Dislocated Mix)
7. Mutilate        
8. Transtime    
9. Re-Animate    
10. Laughing Pain 
11. The Blade (Worldwide Mix)
12. Monument featuring Intermix (Lost Classic Mix)  

FLA_Millennium.gifFront Line Assembly

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD DG 1036
Barcode: 5907785030015
Format: 2 CD Digipack (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: electro/industrial/metal
Release date: 06.08.2007 Europe  

CD 1:
1. Vigilante
2. Millennium
3. Liquid Separation
4. Search & Destroy
5. Surface Patterns
6. Victim Of A Criminal
7. Division Of Mind
8. This Faith
9. Plasma Springs
10. Sex Offender  

CD 2:    
1. Surface Patterns (Surveillance Remix)
2. Surface Patterns (Chemical Cauldron Remix)
3. Internal Combustion
4. Surface Patterns (Scarification Remix)
5. Millennium (1000 Years Of Decay Remix)
6. Millennium (Left In Ruins Remix)
7. Transtime
8. Millennium (Until Death Remix)  

FLA_Reclamation.gifFront Line Assembly

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD DG 1038
Barcode: 5907785030039
Format: CD Digipack (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: electro/industrial
Release date: 06.08.2007 Europe  


1. Digital Tension Dementia (Contagion Mix)
2. No Limit (Disintegration Mix)
3. Virus (Hybrid Mix)
4. Iceolate
5. Provision
6. The Blade (Pro-Gress Mix)
7. Heatwave        
8. Target    
9. Toxic    
10. Mindphaser 
11. Millennium (Ashes To Ashes Mix)
12. Surface Patterns (Mission Control Mix)  

Bio Front Line Assembly was formed by Vancouver, Canada based (but Vienna, Austria born) Bill Leeb in 1986. Some years earlier, together with friends such as Kevin Crompton (aka cEvin Key) and Kevin Ogilvie (aka Nivek Ogre), he had begun listening to the post-punk electronic releases from Europe that had started to appear in the racks of Vancouver's Odyssey Imports record store, including those by first generation 'Industrial' acts such as the UK's Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, SPK (actually Australian, but UK based), and, perhaps most crucially, the minimalist bass-sequencer led rhythms of post-Kraftwerk German aggro merchants such as DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses and Pyrolator. With the early efforts of the other Europeans such as Yello, New Order, Portion Control and Front 242 as further influences, the three friends formed their own group called Skinny Puppy, with bill working under the alias of Wilhelm Schroeder. However, Bill was soon to leave the group to pursue his own brand of electronic dance and mood music as Front Line Assembly, working alone at first and then in collaboration with another local musician named Michael Balch. Front Line Assembly's first vinyl appearance was on a compilation entitled "For Your Ears Only", released by Gary Levermore's UK based label Third Mind Records in 1987, although Bill had already issued some limited edition cassette only releases himself prior to this. The first full length release by the group were three albums released monthly between December 1987 and February 1988, all for different labels: 'The Initial Command' (KK-Belgium), 'State of Mind' (Dossier-Germany), and 'Corrosion' (Third Mind-UK). Three months later Third Mindissued a further mini-album entitled 'Disorder' and the group (at this point Bill and Michael with 17 year old Rhys Fulber as studio assistant) signed to the label, who shortly thereafter repackaged their two releases together with three new songs as the first Front Line Assembly CD, 'Convergence' (licensed to Wax Trax! Records for initial North American release). The group returned in 1989 with the album "Gashed Senses Crossfire" which contained the dance flavored singles "Digital Tension Dementia" and "No Limit". Michael Balch left  Front Line Assembly in 1990 so Fulber stepped in as a full partner. The duo soon released the album "Caustic Grip", while "Tactical Neural Implant" album from 1992 found the group's music moving in a more hard edged disco direction. By 1994, the sound evolved yet again, with the album "Millennium" showing a newfound reliance on guitars. "Reclamation" from 1997 collects together their strongest tracks, from 1987's "Digital Tension Dementia" to 1994's "colossal Surface Patterns". The compilation album shows the true genius of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber proving just how far they were ahead of everyone back in 1989 (and 1994, for that matter). Rhys Fulber left the band in 1997, while his replacement Chris Peterson debuted with the album "Monument" in 1998. "Monument" took a peek at Front Line Assembly's most productive period and was edited together by band producer and most important co-collaborator Greg Reely to include several exclusive remixes, never released tracks, B sides and the infamous "Monument (Lost Classic Mix)." The album "Implode" appeared one year later. Sticking with a heavy dose of synth-pop trance and throbbing melodies, Leeb and Peterson issued "Epitaph" in fall 2001. Since then the band released 2 full-length albums: "Civilization" (2004) and "Artificial Soldier" (2006). The band is currently on tour in Europe! Catch them live whenever you have a chance!