Satanistiske band bannes i Polen

Satanistiske band bannes i Polen

InvertedCross.gifIn July Polish officials are to receive a list of bands ‘propagating Satanism' – they will be banned from playing concerts in Poland.

The index is being created by the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects. Musicians who, according to Committee, propagate Satanism will be registered. -Until now it has been unclear which bands disseminate these values, therefore the authorities, unaware of the facts, allowed organization of this kind of concerts, and spreading the dangerous message. We decided to help them – explains Ryszard Nowak, head of the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects.

He explains that with the help of many specialists, hundreds of bands performing in Poland during the past 20 years has been examined. Who is to be listed then? The document's creators are unwilling to reveal it yet but it is certain that Behemoth, Kat and Marilyn Manson will be included. – It will not only be metal, but also rock bands appearing in the index. Nowak makes it clear that according to the Committee research results, rock bands also propagate Satanism, encouraging murder, organisation of black masses and practise of animal sacrifices.


The complete list will be distributed to the authorities all over the country. Some of the local governments are already looking forward to receiving it. – Nowadays, we rarely know anything about bands performing in our city and the list would enable us to identify the dangerous ones much more easily – says Urszula Sienkiewicz-Nogal of the Bialystok city council. – I don't think anyone with common sense would allow organization of a concert of a group which is included in the document – she stresses.

– Currently, when I see a poster of a suspicious band in the street, I call the venue [to obtain more details]. But obviously this simple method does not always allow identification of bands propagating Satanism – Mariusz Orzełowski from the Siedlce mayor's office is enthusiastic about the index.

We found out that the list is also to be passed to… Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration and to the Minister of Education. What for? – The report will be very useful as we are currently preparing an amendment of the penal code which also includes regulations concerning sects and dissemination of Satanism – explains Joanna Dąbek on behalf of Ministry of Justice.

– As soon as we get the document we will pass it to the Police Headquarters – announces Michał Rachoń on behalf of Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration. He adds that the report is going to be a valuable instrument for the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration itself since it is also responsible for gathering significant information on the confessional associations and sects.

The list is going to be a world sensation. – This kind of document hasn't been compiled in any other country. Poland is the first country to undertake this task – says Ryszard Nowak. The document is going to be confidential. – We don't want it to fall into youths' hands as they could copy the practices we are describing there – points out Nowak.

Nergal, Behemoth mainman

Behemoth - Decade Of Therion.jpg I am shocked, this must be some kind of joke. We're touring the whole world – United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia – and we've not had any problems anywhere. I am surprised we are being judged by appearances and that no one even took an effort of asking us what our music is all about. Apart from that, come on, there is enough serious matters to be dealt with in Poland! The clerks should better work on the things that really need to be taken care of.

Unofficial translation from Metro (Poland),75931,4223376.html