ROSKILDE utsolgt

ROSKILDE utsolgt

Roskilde Festival ’07 is sold out!

The last ticket has been passed over the counter. Roskilde Festival is completely sold out.



We have the music, we have the audience – now we just need some good weather. Roskilde Festival can proudly announce that we are completely sold out. The ticket sale has been going fast, both in Denmark and abroad. 75,000 people from all over the world will soon come to Roskilde Festival for this year’s biggest high-quality music party.

It is not possible to buy one-day tickets, but Sunday tickets and children’s tickets can be bought at the entrances – these types of tickets will not sell out. However, Sunday tickets are only sold on Sunday 8 July. And if you are over the age of 60, you can get in for free on Sunday 8 July if you bring a valid picture ID.

Watch out for counterfeit tickets
If you are looking for festival tickets, then please do not buy them from unauthorised outlets nor private sellers. The tickets may be counterfeit, and you will not know until after you have paid. Roskilde Festival strongly recommends festival-goers only to buy tickets from authorised ticket sales – or else not to buy. All tickets are thoroughly checked at the entrances – and if you have a counterfeit ticket, you will not get in, and a refund is not possible.