Devilish Impressions' recording the new album!!! Pictures from "Sword In The East Tour 2007" (Devilish Impressions / Marduk) online!!! New reviews and interviews posted. Devilish Impressions to play at Metal Heads Mission Open Air Festival!!!

Three weeks ago Devilish Impressions have entered the studio in order to record the new album. This time the band decided to visit Studio X (Vesania) where all the drums' and guitars' tracks have already been laid. All the synthesizers and additional samplers / effects will be recorded at home studio of Asgaard's synth player – Flumen. Vocals and mix were meant to be done with Arkadiusz Malczewski at Hendrix Studio (Behemoth) but due to several reasons the band decided to do it also at Studio X. The whole material will be then mastered by Andy Classen at famous Stage One Studio in Germany (Rotting Christ, Belphegor, Sinister, Legion Of The Damned etc.)!!!

"Musically it will be pretty different from what we did on ‘Plurima Mortis Imago'. Stylistically it will remain mixture of black and death metal but it seems this time we've pushed the boundaries of the genres even further. Although you will find some unconventional arrangements here and there the new stuff is full of straight-forward and ass-kicking riffs yet full of catchy riffs and unique melodies. All of the drums' and guitars' have been already recorded and even at this level I can say it sounds awesome." (Quazarre)


The new opus will be entitled "DIABOLICANOS – Act III: Armageddon" and shall be out in autumn this year!!!


Check out the band's website to see pictures from MARDUK / DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS "Sword In The East Tour 2007". More pics will be posted soon.


In other great news we are proud to inform that Devilish Impressions have been confirmed for Metal Heads Mission Open Air Fest in Ukraine where the band will play along with Immolation, Suffocation, Vader and Benediction amongst others –


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