Ralph Santolla fra Deicide til Obituary

Ralph Santolla fra Deicide til Obituary

There is so much going on! The most important thing is the recording/mixing of the new CD and that is going amazing! These new songs are so heavy and we are happy and lucky to announce that Ralph Santolla is helping us with some of the guitar work. To have someone like Ralph working with us is totally new to Obituary and I can't tell you how excited we are. This new album, Xecutioners Return, is just coming to life!

Ralph Santolla

I know there has been a lot of speculation about what we were going to do for another guitarist now that Allen West is unavailable. It is kind of strange how things work out. We have known Ralph for a long time and it is no suprise how good of a guitar player he is, but what was really nice is how good we work with each other and how good we get along. Not only is Ralph recording with us, but he will also be going with us to Europe in July and on our U.S. Tour in September.


We leave for South America tomorrow for the next set of shows and they should be some good ones. We have been to Argentina (a long time ago), but we have never been to Chile or Brazil, so we are looking forward to these shows.

When we get home we will finish up the mixing of the new CD and we are on schedule for a late August release!