MANNGARD ferdig med mixing av “European Cowards”

MANNGARD ferdig med mixing av “European Cowards”

Mixing completed/tracklisting

Mixing of "European Cowards" is now completed, and the new monster is ready to be unleashed on the World on August 27!
All the beer-infested thrashiness from the initial recording sessions was preserved, but as always, there are plenty of elements adding a bit more depth to the evil brew. A Manngard album will never be a one-dimensional presentation.
Make no mistake, our thrash roots are more pronounced on this album, with the signature Manngard mix of death, black and progressive metal lurking around throughout.

"European Cowards" was produced by Iver Sandoey, recorded in the Tonreich, Sodoma Sound and Duper Studio. Mixed by Jørgen Archibald Træen in Duper Studio.

Complete tracklisting:

Manngard_3.jpg1: Pests In Pools Of Stagnant Water
2: Horrordementia
3: European Cowards
4: Republic Of Texas
5: Expulsion Of The Assailants Pt 1: Implicit Approval Of Your Uninvited Guests
6: Expulsion Of The Assailants Pt 2: Surgical Removal Of Your Evil Thoughts
7: Divine Justice
8: Evil Raping Evil
9: Miasma
10: You Smell Of Dust, Are You Alive?

We'll be posting a sneak preview from the album soon.