Event: Hole in the Sky – Bergen Metal Fest VIII – Blood Fire Death

Date: 22.08. – 25.08

Location: Bergen, Norway

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Needless to say; Hole in the Sky is immensely proud to present Immortal as this year's headliner. Immortal were the band that kicked of the first Hole in the Sky festival seven year's back, and their return to the festival stage is bound to be something out of the ordinary. Not only is Immortal one of the most influential acts to emerge out of the Norwegian metal scene, but they are also one of the most explosive live bands around.

Fans from all over the world sighed with relief when Immortal announced the "7 Dates of Blashyrkh" tour a few months back, seeing the trio headlining massive festivals such as Wacken Open Air after spending the last four years in hiatus.

The organizers were thrilled when the band decided to do this special event on home turf as a bonus to the already announced tour.

Comments Demonaz: "It's been seven years since Immortal played in Bergen and we look forward to return home with a vengeance. Bergen is of course very special for us, after all it's our home town. Immortal will do a very special show that will be nothing short of spectacular. The band has planned to do songs from all their albums, including some rare gems for this concert only. Hole in the Sky has become a very important festival over the years and we are proud to headline this event alongside this great selection of bands".


Says the organizers: "We couldn't think of a better act closing this year's festival, really. Immortal has it all – their showmanship is second to none, their appeal stretches far beyond the regular metal crowd and their back catalogue is loaded with metal anthems bound to take an audience by storm. The band hasn't played in their home town for many, many years, so this is going to be nothing less than a triumphant blast for the band and their fans".


Also confirmed for Hole in the Sky 2007: Testament, Napalm Death, Immolation, Destroyer 666, Melechesh


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About the festival:

  • Founded in memory of late Erik "Grim" Brødreskift (Immortal, Gorgoroth, Borknagar)
  • First annual metal festival in Norway ever.
  • All previous festivals completely sold out.
  • The 2004 festival was hailed as the 2nd best metal festival by representants of German Metal Hammer in their yearly poll.
  • Achieved two-page spread, raving reviews in magazines such as Metal Hammer UK, Metla Hammer (Ger), Kerrang!, Terrorizer, Legacy.
  • Previously headlined by bands such as Danzig (US), Celtic Frost(CH), Morbid Angel (US), Sodom (Ger), Opeth (S), Obituary (US), Kreator (Ger), Immortal, Destruction (Ger), Paul Di'Anno (UK), Impaled Nazarene (Fin), Samael (CH) and Satyricon.
  • Now sporting 2 different venues.
  • Hole in the Sky is based on idealistc work only. All profit from the festival is placed in a fund to gain up and coming artist within the norwegian metal scene.