CHRIS POLAND slipper liveskive

CHRIS POLAND slipper liveskive

Return To Metalopolis Live

Genre – Guitar Instrumental

Released May 25th 2007

Return to Metalopolis was the beginning of Chris Poland's solo career, after leaving multi-platinum artists, Megadeth, in 1987.  The Return To Metalopolis disc has been a cult classic for years, having been reissued several times worldwide.  Lion Music is proud to share with you the only known live moments on tape from the short-lived tour in support of this classic release.  Recorded live in 1991 at the now defunct Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona, Return to Metalopolis Live is a chance for fans to see how this inventive material translated over into a live situation.  The recording is as is and would be the beginning of the line-up that progressed into the band, Damn The Machine, who released their self titled disc in 1993 on A&M Records.  Listening to Return To Metalopolis Live, shows how Chris' playing has evolved over the years, but it also shows that even back then he was pushing the boundaries of the  guitar, with his trademark cutting tone and style.  In addition to a couple of studio demo outtakes from past years, we thought it would be cool to include of OHM: performing a reworked version of the Metalopolis classic, "Alexandria".  This release is for the Chris Poland fans that have been so supportive throughout the years.  We hope you enjoy!

Matt Johnson (Metal Maniacs Magazine).
I was pretty young when Return To Metalopolis came out, maybe 15 or 16.  Back then, before the internet, a lot of albums came out, and unless you where lucky and spotted an ad or a review in a magazine, you'd never know it.  One day, a friend of mine put a cassette in the car player and said "Guess who this is?" I listened for a few minutes and said "Is it Megadeth? Why aren't there any vocals?"  Megadeth's Peace Sells was, and remains, my favourite metal album and while Chris may not have written anything for that album, you can hear his stamp on every song, and I guess Dave Mustaine must have influenced Chris a little bit too.  Although I loved his playing on those first two Megadeth albums, my love affair with Chris Poland really began with the Metalopolis album, an album I still spin regularly.  In retrospect, the album doesn't really sound that much like Megadeth; instead, it's a quintessential expression of the Chris Poland sound, which shines through no matter which genre he is exploring.  As I've grown older, my affection for his work and appreciation for his talent have only increased; through Damn The Machine, OHM, and his various solo releases.  The quality that truly sets him apart from other "guitar hero" types is that he is, first and foremost, a songwriter.  I never cottoned to the Shrapnel school of metal guitar wankery, because even the best of those releases tended to be shallow frameworks built to support endless solos, which themselves all blended together in a neo-classical haze.  Return To Metalopolis is not that kind of release, and all things considered, there aren't even that many solos, only song after song of breathtaking riffs and brilliant arrangements.  When he does take the lead, Chris plays with an astounding lyricism.  His solos become an inextricable part of the song in the way a vocal melody normally would.  Not many guitarists can play like that, nether mind their dexterity or speed (neither of which Chris can be said to lack, for the record).  I've had the pleasure of seeing Chris perform live several times, first with Damn The Machine and then with OHM:, but unfortunately his US tour in support of Metalopolis melted down before it made it to my town.  It's great to finally get to hear this music played for a crowd, and with Dave Randi on bass, you can start to hear how Chris got from his first release as a leader in Damn The Machine, who were formed not too long after Chris, his brother, and Dave got back from this aborted tour.  For many years Chris Poland has inspired me as a guitarist, as a songwriter, and as a lover of music.  Here's hoping the next 20 years are just as inspiring!

Track Listing
01 Return To Metalopolis
02 Wake Up Dead
03 Khazad Dûm
04 Pyscho Boy
05 Nightmare Hall
06 Theatre Of The Damned
07 Pandora
08 Tin Man
09 Alexandria (live enhanced video)

Band Line Up
Chris Poland – Guitar
Dave Randi – Bass, vocal track 2
Mark Poland – Drums
Dave Eagle – Drums (tracks 8 & 9)
Robby Pagliari – bass (tracks 8 & 9)

Track Info
Tracks 1-6: Recorded live at The Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ (1991)
Track 7: Unreleased studio demo (1990-1992)
Track 8: B-side from the first OHM: record (2003)
Track 9: Filmed & recorded by Donny Sarian at The Baked Potato in L.A., CA. (1999)

Tracks 1, 3 – 9 written by Chris Poland and published by Killing Floor Music (ASCAP)
Track 2 written by D. Mustaine and published by Mustaine Music/Theory Music (BMI) 

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