KHAABLUS (Solfernus) – Only strong and true inner expressions

KHAABLUS (Solfernus) – Only strong and true inner expressions

Etter å ha hørt en del på den siste skiva til Solfernus, fikk jeg lyst til å kjøre noen små intervjuer med dette tsjekkiske bandet. Både Blast Beast og Deepthroat ble sendt nedover. Khaablus er navnet på vokalisten og her kan du lese hva han hadde å si.

ET – When did you start doing extreme vocals (What year and at what age)?
KHAABLUS – I think, I was 17.
My first band was named Inner Fear, that we founded with Marthus (now Cradle Of Filth) in 1997. We played something like Atmospheric Black Metal.

ET – What made you start to do extreme vocals?
KHAABLUS – Because I just loved metal music and I’ve listened to many hard bands. That was of course the reason to create some own band and start to practice own songs. Black Metal was always my favourite style. That’s why I decided to do vocals that sounded like Black Metal. But it was my inner spontaneous will to perform this way.

Deepthroat_Khaablus_1.jpgET – Can you describe the technique or the techniques you are using?
KHAABLUS – This is very hard to answer. I try to create very sharp and raw sound and modulate different levels of voice to get more atmospheres inside the music. It means to use disparate sounding, insane screams and everything else what will assault your brain!

ET – Has your technique changed during your career?
KHAABLUS – Surely did… it’s still shaping in new directions I´m seeking for. I want always to devise new things and I will try to get my new ideas in new songs on our next album, which we start to work on.

ET – Have you ever hurt yourself by using a "wrong technique"?
KHAABLUS – Actually never; of course there were gigs when I felt very fucking bad, ´cause I was ill. But in the psychical trance I have on the stage, I just suppress almost all the physical sicknesses. I think it happens to most of musicians

ET – Is there something you do on a regular basis to keep your voice in shape? Any routines?
KHAABLUS – I just drink a lot of different hard drinks! ……

ET – Do you think it can be dangerous to do extreme vocals?
KHAABLUS – Yes, of course! Especially for listeners!!!!… he!

ET – What is most important for you – to make cool sounds and interesting rhythms, or to have a clear diction/pronunciation?
KHAABLUS – I think, I ´d like to make cool sounds and rhytms and to have clear diction…… I suppose that is important to join all this aspects of sounding and especially to unite myself with music.

Deepthroat_Khaablus_2.jpgET – Do you think that extreme vocals can be made into a science, like "this is how it works for everyone, to make this sound you have to do this etc"? Or is it more intuitive and individual how to do it?
KHAABLUS – There are now borders, no dogmas, no notes, only strong and true inner expressions! It is really intuitive and individual and that makes it fascinating and inimitable.

ET – Do you have any advice to people who wants to start doing extreme vocals?
KHAABLUS – Every one should trust to him self, to listen to the sound of own pulse. And give over all from inside!

ET – Mention three extreme vocalists whose style you admire, and explain your choice. What specifically do you like about the styles of those three? Also mention three vocalists (not necessarily extreme vocalists) which you have been influence by, and explain in which way you have been influenced by each of them
KHAABLUS – … Abbath – very raw and freezing sound, Shagrath – dynamic and mighty style and Lex Icon – combinates a lot of types of soundings…. But there were many vocalists that I was influenced by. For example Lemmy, Araya, Dickinson and many more!

ET – Who do you want to challenge in this series? (Who should be the next extreme vocalist to answer these questions?) Give a brief explanation for your choice.
KHAABLUS – I´d like to read these answers from Abbath!