WHITE SKULL – Dislikes to be a part of the underground

WHITE SKULL – Dislikes to be a part of the underground

Vi kan her gledelig melde at det italienske bandet WHITE SKULL tok seg tid til en prat med oss. De er blitt sluttet til av en ny sangerinne! Men musikken og stilen er den samme. Besøk deres websted dersom du blir interessert i mer Heavy Metal.

ET: Hi everyone. How are you doing?
WHITE SKULL: Well! We feel well now! At this time we are training with the new singer to play some show from March. As you could read after the album release Gus Gabarrò left the Band, and now we got a new singer, a female singer Elisa «Over» De Palma.

ET: How would you characterize the type of music that you create? Has your style changed or evolved over time?
WHITE SKULL: As the first question, Raw and Direct.
Yes, I think to evolve our music is a normal step of the Band, normal that we evolve looking our type and style of Metal.

WhiteSkull_2.jpgET: Do you think that the sound and style of the type of music you perform express your personal beliefs and identity?
WHITE SKULL: Yes, I like to play this Kind of Metal. I think to have no sense to play something that you dislike or something not representative for you. It is really important to identify your life in what you play; I don't look Metal as business.

ET: Do you think that the lyrics in this music are reflective of your personal beliefs?
WHITE SKULL: Our lyrics is not personal lyrics, we use to speak about a lot of past tales. We spoke about Vikings, Roman, Middle Age, Celts and so on. When we write a lyrics we don't write only the stories, but we use the stories to send our personal message from who will read the lyrics, the message is not in clear, usually is introspective.

ET: What first attracted you to the music scene? What captured and held your interest?
WHITE SKULL: I started to play before to know the Heavy Metal, I started to play when I was a child. I was playing a lot of kind of music, but all in pop style. When I was teenager Heavy Metal caught my attention and it became a real style of life. Iron Maiden, Saxon, AC/DC, Scorpions and 70/80 Bands were my light! 

ET: Because the type of music you perform is quite underground, it is difficult to market it and for a band to come widely known and respected. What was it like to establish a name for yourselves? What sort of efforts did it entail? What setbacks did you suffer, and what obstacles have you overcome through the years?
WHITE SKULL: First of All I can tell you that it is not very important to me that Metal is in Underground scene. Yes it is difficult to retail your space in the business and grow up day by day, but you cannot decide how many popular you are, the people who listen music help you to be popular. We do our best to work in order to play that we like in a really honest way.

ET: Please describe your experience of the Metal scene. What has it been like to perform, both when you first began and at present? How has the scene changed? Are the fans different? Are the shows different? Is the music different?
WHITE SKULL: From the beginning everything are different. The experience since now was really great and I hope will be great till the end. Sometimes you find some difficulties but I think it is normal. The Metal Scene when we started in Italy was like to zero! Now everything is total different there are a lot of structure where we can play, the crowd is different. During the years we modified our show to offer something more to our fans. Our music now is better, ah ah ah, but in same perfect style! 

WhiteSkull_1.jpgET: What are the factors that you like most about the Metal scene?
WHITE SKULL: I like to play this kind of music, it is raw and powerful!

ET: What are the factors that you dislike most or would like to see changed?
WHITE SKULL: To be in the Underground, but there will be one day that Metal will be at Top!

ET: What do you think of the «Satanism» that is often attributed to the metal scene?

ET: What sorts of personalities do you encounter most at shows? What are the positive trends and the negative trends that you have noticed?
WHITE SKULL: Every show I like to speak with the people, sometime there will be some strange people… I like to ask to my fans which job they do, is funny to see some doctor, lawmaker or banker dressed in Metal way… two different faces… The positive trend I saw in the last time is that the true metal is back!

ET: Is there a «metal philosophy»? If you think so, how would you describe it?
WHITE SKULL: Of course. I have mine. My Metal Philosophy is nothing too special: Respect to other one, to the things, to the nature. Lawless when I need to defend myself, my dear, my friend and my Metal Brother. Together we stand / steel in our hand / together we fight side by side!

ET: Do you have a personal philosophy? How would you describe it?
WHITE SKULL: Is the same you read in the previous question.

ET: Is there a relationship between the Metal scene and society as a whole? How would you describe that relationship?
WHITE SKULL: Society doesn't look Defender of Steel in a good way. They look us like Bad Boys Running Wild, but they don't understand that the Evil is not inside us!

ET: What do you think makes your band's music something unique?
WHITE SKULL: No, we play our music, but I don't think that is something unique. We are son from the old Band!

WhiteSkull_3.jpgET: What is your perception of the current political battles over «violent» entertainment forms or films, music etc., which are believed to promote violent behaviour?
WHITE SKULL: There is something bad to think in the world. I'm not agree, that people have to think how appease one's hunger in the world.

ET: Would you want Metal as a mainstream so it would be more prevalent and easier to access? Why or why not?
WHITE SKULL: Yes, but it is a dream… why? To be in more and more! 

ET: Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Please add any additional comments, reflections, or impressions that you might have.
WHITE SKULL: Play metal and Play Loud! See ya on the road and remember Heavy Metal is The Law!